Project Infinity [GBC – Cancelled]

Project Infinity [GBC – Cancelled]


“The time spent searching for publishers closed our near shut window of opportunity for getting Infinity published. It seems very clear now that Infinity will not be published for GBC.

Even after all this time, we still get emails from people wondering what happened to the company or if Infinity will ever be released. Here’s the answer: the team has been disbanded since 2002, and there is a slim possibility that Infinity may one day be released as a ROM file for free on the website. A ROM file would allow the game to be played in emulators or be burned to your own cartridge.

The website continues to exist because our web hosting is essentially free. But make no mistake, Affinix as a game company is not operational. There is no planned date for release of a ROM. Infinity is completely obsolete by today’s standards and we have no plans to sell it, so there is very little incentive to work on the project. Who knows, though, maybe we’ll eventually finish the darn thing.” [Source:]

For more infos:  Unseen Interviews – Eric Hache from Affinix

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