Boon Boon Kabun [GBC – Cancelled?]

Boon Boon Kabun [GBC – Cancelled?]


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One thought on “Boon Boon Kabun [GBC – Cancelled?]

  1. Vince

    Hey unseen64! I just read about this on HardcoreGaming101, so I believe I can add some info to this! And like you said up there, I could either write an email or pen a comment – here ya go!

    All credit to this page:
    And their sources for this information:

    This game is actually a port of ‘Tails’ Sky Patrol’ for the Game Gear!
    “A few years later >>>>>>NOTE: in the context of the article, they mean after TSP came out<<<<<, JSH (now known as Biox) needed to produce a title for the Game Boy on a very tight schedule, so they decided to do a port of Tails’ Skypatrol. While Sega owned the rights to the characters, Biox owned the rights to the program and simply redrew the characters again.

    Porting the game was quite difficult, to the point where Kagamino was hospitalized during development, but it was eventually completed. This new game was called “Boon Boon Kabun“, and was compatible with both the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. While the game was even shown to Nintendo, it had to be scrapped due to what Kagamino could only describe as 'contract reasons'."

    I thought that was interesting as heck, so I decided to look it up and see what it looked like. You guys have the media (thank you for that! Curiosity sated) but not the story? Nor the confirmation that it was, in fact, canned? Well, I thought that was a shame, so there ya go! Now you got some info to go along with the pics (^-^)

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