Orchid [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

Orchid [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

Orchid was an Action Adventure / Beat ’em Up that was in development by Argonaut Games and would have been published by Namco for the original Xbox and  Playstation 2. The project started with a cell shaded  graphic design and the gameplay was pretty nice from what we can see in the videos below, but two months before the game was cancelled the developers were asked to make it look more “realistic”. The whole team worked a lot and tried their best to change the game, but unfortunatly in the end Orchid was never released.

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6 thoughts on “Orchid [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

  1. Maik

    Orchid is a third-person 3D action title starring an athletic redhead who happens to be suffering from amnesia. After awakening from a coma in the local orphanage, the young girl finds herself evading a group of soldiers attempting to capture her for reasons unknown. After escaping to New York City, she joins a ragtag group of freedom fighters looking to put an end to the corporate army that rules over the city with an iron fist. The story line is gradually revealed in an estimated hour’s worth of cinematic cut-scenes voiced by professional actors.

    Featuring character designs by artist Tony Daniel, Orchid features a distinctive visual style that attempts to re-create the attitude and artwork found in comic books. Players can freely go wherever they want to in this futuristic 3D world as they prepare to fight numerous soldiers bent on stopping the resistance group once and for all. Orchid may not remember her past, but there’s more to her than meets the eye: not only can she use a variety of acrobatic kicks and punches on her foes, but she can also transform herself into different monsters. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide

  2. Philly

    Man this game looked so freakin’ cool. BOTH versions – the “cartoonier” and more overtly anime-inspired aesthetic (I am a HUGE fan of that era of western developers inspired by ’90s anime OVA; from Oni and Septerra Core to the also-cancelled Riqa and Tenth Degree) and the later more J Scott Campbell-comic looking designs for the characters. You can just tell that this was the part of Argonaut that would go on later to form Just Add Monsters/Ninja Theory, y’know?

    Total shame that this never released, or that whatever was the final preview build never leaked. It would be super cool if a collector found a build for this. It really looks like a great beat ’em up for the era… or even now, since no one seems to be making 3D beat ’em ups anymore. It sucks that it’s 2021 and the newest River City, Battletoads and Streets of Rage are all just still 2D belt-scrollers. Sometimes it feels like genres are evolving backwards…

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