Glover 2 [N64/PSX/DC – Cancelled]

Glover was a 3D platformer game developed by Interactive Studios Ltd and released for the Nintendo 64 and Playstation in 1998. A sequel was announced for Nintendo 64, Playstation and Dreamcast with a launch originally slated for mid 1999, but was later cancelled.

In 2010, NESworld recovered a playable beta of the Nintendo 64 version of Glover 2 and by October 2011, the ROM was leaked online.

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The Bizarre Story Behind Its Cancellation

On February 25, 2015, James Steele, a programmer formerly of Interactive Studios, released a blog entry detailing the unusual circumstances which led to the cancellation of the game. According to the developer, a huge misstep at Hasbro involving one worker severely over-estimating the amount of cartridges required for the game blemished the Glover name at the company, ultimately resulting in the discontinuation of its sequel:

“…as far as we were told, Glover 2 had been canned because of Glover 1. Now this seems strange, because the first Glover has sold fairly well for a non-Nintendo N64 title. And it was on the back of those sales that Glover 2 had been given the go-ahead at Hasbro in the first place.

But Hasbro had messed up. They had screwed the pooch big time. You see, when ordering the carts for the first game, the standard production run was something like 150,000 units. And this is what the management at ISL had advised Hasbro to order – because the N64 wasn’t really fairing that well compared to the PS1 at the time and non Nintendo titles tended to sell poorly. They thought that Glover was a good game in its own right, and a moderate 3rd party success would sell around 150,000 units. And that is exactly what happened. Hence the go ahead for the sequel.

So Glover was a money maker for Hasbro, right? Right? Nuh-uh. As it happened, Nintendo had a special on N64 carts at the time the game was being schedule for production. Some bright spark at Hasbro thought it would just be absolutely SUPER to order double the normal amount – so they put in an order 300,000 units at a slightly reduced cost.

The problem was that none of the retailers wanted to take that stock off Hasbro’s hands. The game had been moderately successful, but the demand just wasn’t there. And thus Hasbro was left with 150,000 or so copies of Glover for the N64 that nobody wanted. That’s something like half-a-million dollars worth of stock that they can’t shift. And with Hasbro Interactive not being in the best of financial shape Glover became a dirty word around the company, as it became apparent over the course of Glover 2 development that they were stuck with all those carts.

Of course, the blame was put on the game and brand itself rather than the idiot who ordered the extra 150,000 carts from Nintendo. And that ladies and gentlemen, is why Glover 2 had been cancelled.”

According to Steele, who we later caught up with, the game was around 80-85% complete at the time development ceased.




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Unseen Changes: Alex Kidd vs Anmitsu Hime

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Anmitsu Hime for the Master System was a tie-in of an old anime of the same name. When the game was released in america, SEGA decided to change the title to Alex Kidd High Tech World. The storyline was completely rewritten and it became autocelebratory (Alex Kidd wants to try the new Sega Arcade in town), the characters redesigned (oddly enough, they weren’t westernized) , but the slow,puzzle-heavy gameplay was left exactly the same.


Title Screen.

Panoramica_senza titol3o2.jpg

Alex at beginning of the game.

Panoramica_senza titolo1.jpg

You can save and resume your game.

Panoramica_senza titolo2.jpg

High Tech World’s new story.

[Article by yota]


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Sphear [Wii – Cancelled]

Sphear was an action-adventure set in the Phillipines which was in development at n-Space in 2006/2007. Started after their GameCube title Geist, the studio worked together with Nintendo once again. However, Nintendo cancelled the game when they decided to focus on games with a broader appeal (for example Wii Fit). Other victims were Kuju London’s/Headstrong Games’ Knight Wars, a spin-off from the Advance Wars series, as well as Project Hammer, developed by NST.


[New Unseen Interview] Yakumo from Segagagadomain

If you are used to the beta & cancelled games communities, you probably know already Yakumo and his Segagaga Domain website. SD is another great place to find informations about obscure games, especially japanese and SEGA ones: in there you can even see a collection of videos from unseen Saturn and Dreamcast games. In this new Unseen Interview we have questioned Yakumo, to know better the mind under Segagaga Domain, learn about the japanese gamer’s life and his toughts about the unseen gaming world. >> Read the full interview