Sphear [Wii – Cancelled]

Sphear [Wii – Cancelled]

Sphear was an action-adventure set in the Phillipines which was in development at n-Space in 2006/2007. Started after their GameCube title Geist, the studio worked together with Nintendo once again. However, Nintendo cancelled the game when they decided to focus on games with a broader appeal (for example Wii Fit). Other victims were Kuju London’s/Headstrong Games’ Knight Wars, a spin-off from the Advance Wars series, as well as Project Hammer, developed by NST.


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2 thoughts on “Sphear [Wii – Cancelled]

  1. Alex

    Nice pics, but don’t add sensational speculation (or one sided statements) as fact on top of it. The game could have been cancelled for any number of reasons, like being crap despite the nice pics, beind behind schedule, or whatever other reasons outside choosing Wii Fit over it, when they’re perfectly happy to make their Wii ___ games alongside deeper, more involving experiences, from 3D Mario to Xenoblade, in house or with collaborations with companies like Mistwalker (The Last Story) or Capcom (Monster Hunter Tri). If anyone understands these games appeal to different audiences and thus don’t compete with each other and can happily co-exist, it’s Nintendo, so they consistently develop or publish games across a very wide spectrum of styles. They cancelled plenty Retro Studios games as well, for example, but they did seem crap, and that certainly didn’t mean they wanted casual experiences only, considering the three Prime games we got out of that studio.

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