Unseen Changes: Alex Kidd vs Anmitsu Hime

Unseen Changes: Alex Kidd vs Anmitsu Hime

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Anmitsu Hime for the Master System was a tie-in of an old anime of the same name. When the game was released in america, SEGA decided to change the title to Alex Kidd High Tech World. The storyline was completely rewritten and it became autocelebratory (Alex Kidd wants to try the new Sega Arcade in town), the characters redesigned (oddly enough, they weren’t westernized) , but the slow,puzzle-heavy gameplay was left exactly the same.


Title Screen.

Panoramica_senza titol3o2.jpg

Alex at beginning of the game.

Panoramica_senza titolo1.jpg

You can save and resume your game.

Panoramica_senza titolo2.jpg

High Tech World’s new story.

[Article by yota]


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