[New Unseen Interview] Yakumo from Segagagadomain

[New Unseen Interview] Yakumo from Segagagadomain

If you are used to the beta & cancelled games communities, you probably know already Yakumo and his Segagaga Domain website. SD is another great place to find informations about obscure games, especially japanese and SEGA ones: in there you can even see a collection of videos from unseen Saturn and Dreamcast games. In this new Unseen Interview we have questioned Yakumo, to know better the mind under Segagaga Domain, learn about the japanese gamer’s life and his toughts about the unseen gaming world. >> Read the full interview

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One thought on “[New Unseen Interview] Yakumo from Segagagadomain

  1. FullMetalMC

    cool interview sux he couldnt get those Ps2s he moved to Japan right? u shouldve asked him if he regrets moving

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