Zelda Majora’s Mask debug has been leaked!

After that awesome Ocarina of Time debug ROM (that still had some beta / prototype areas in it!), the lovely Zelda-hacker Cendamos was able to buy and share a Debug version of Zelda: Majora’s Mask! Will there be any unused or beta rooms still hidden in there? We’ll have to wait and see what those zelda-hackers will be able to find.

You can read more info about the Majora’s Mask Prototype / Debug ROM in the Zelda 64 Forum. If you can feel the love of this release and want to help Cendamos to repay his debt after this important acquisition, share your paypal donations to [email protected]

In the meantime, here’s a nice video of the Majora’s Mask Debug:


What if we had Zelda URA for the 64DD?

Then this would happen when loading Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

Basically Zelda Ocarina of Time is ready-to-connect to its 64DD expansion, even if it was never released, and that DISK icon would have marked the URA save file to distinguish it from the normal game. The DISK icon was already found sometime ago thanks to GameShark codes / hack, but this is probably the first time that i see the Zelda URA startup in motion.

Jimmy130 posted this video and a little article on his Nintendo 64 Disk Drive blog (in french). Here’s a rough translation:

I found a solution so that the game starts with the disc Ura Zelda in the 64DD. The result is an unprecedented title screen and selecting the backup disk with the logo.

It is legitimate to ask how I did. And if I had the disk Ura Zelda? Or if not, is it a stupid action replay code? Has this to do with my 64DD development? I do not intend to say right now, I’ll leave the mystery.

I’ll also tell you a little more about how the save. When Zelda OOT detects Ura Zelda in the 64DD, it proposes to start a backup version 64DD (as shown in the video). By cons, now that I have created my backup disk, it is stored in the 256 Kbit SRAM cartridge. So if, for a total coincidence, I restart the game without the 64DD, the backup should be inaccessible.

To know more about Zelda URA and the Zelda 64 development check our article: Project Zelda 3D: The Development of Zelda 64. Props to Jimmy130 for the video! 

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks [DS – Beta / Unused Stuff]

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is the second Zelda game for the DS,  developed by Nintendo EAD and published in december 2009. The game was originally announced at the GDC in March 2009, so in the first screens and video released there are not too many differences, but Kirby64 was able to notice some interesting beta-changes:

These trees were moved and used in the snow realm


The floor blocks (swirl circle and the square) are changed in the final game




The purple thing (I think it’s a whistle?) was to call over the phantom,but in the final game it was changed to “Call” and the circle was blue not yellow. the phantom icon was changed to a pinkish color and it had pink eyes.The circle swirl on the phantom when it moves the color was green in the beta game but pink in the final game.


This picture here is going through the forest


the pole color was changed to a green color


this bullseye was changed to a x in the final game


this whip was remove and replace with a snake whip. I was reading a forum that the snake whip came from earthbound (note by Bill:  the rope snake is from Mother 3)


this tunnel was remove from the forest realm and move to the snow realm


This was the cave going to the snow sanctuary and in the cave you found the monster that the anouki villagers were talking about,in the beta game I think this cave was going to the forest sanctuary and you had to defeat the moster.



Some more differences were noticed by Bill: in the first video you can see the train tracks on the DS differ from the tracks in the final game, and some land was changed into sea at the bottom left corner of the forest realm. Also, some town locations were switched around judging from the map. There are more few small changes in the trailers as the wooden shields used by those Zora Warriors were made into steel and some guards that are missing in the cut scene where Zelda gives Link his certificate.

Also, Gabrielwoj found some interesting things inside the ROM directory, let’s take an look;:

On the sound files of the ROM, there is an unused track. It’s the overworld of Phantom Hourglass. Maybe, doing the early development of this game, the team just was testing the music with this overworld for the new zelda, Spirit Tracks. The song was never used, and it’s on the ROM file. Maybe this song was to be overworld theme of the spirit tracks (yeah, the train navigation), but they decided to make an another, not just like from Phantom Hourglass

Interesting tough, it’s the boss battle music of Phantom Hourglass, again, the same copy and paste from the Zelda game to the another, I really don’t know why, but the music don’t makes any sense with the game, I mean, most of everything is by Pan Flute

At the Spirit Tracks rom, at the path data/MapObj/, there is a file called “DNGN.narc”, extracting this file, will have an “NSMBD” file, it’s the 3d modeling for DS games, this model is the Temple of the Ocean King of Zelda Phantom Hourglass, it’s the same exactly model and textures, an result of copy an paste (NOTE: DNGN file looks DUNGEON with 4 letters, at Phantom Hourglass rom, it’s called “temple_main.narc”, extracting it will have the same dungeon, MAIN means: The principal temple, if you remember, it’s the first Dungeon you enter in the game and the principal of the Story)

Inside the ROM, there is an Dbgfont, maybe, for Debugging:

First of all, for this image which will come, I have never heard that the Spirit Tracks was on an E3 (It was only announced, but not been played, as I know), as been said at the image, it was on E3 2009, some leftover images (already organized for better look) [Second image may look with E3, at the file name, it was E3x, and the palette don’t looks right]:

E3 Image Screen 1(CLICK for view)


E3 Image Screen 2(CLICK for view)

Thanks to Kirby 64, Bill and Gabrielwoj for the contributions!

You can find more info about Zelda: Spirit Tracks in the Zelda Wiki!



Zelda: Oracle of Seasons [GBC – Beta]

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons was published by Nintendo and developed by Capcom’s Flagship Studio for the Gameboy Color. In the early screenshots released for the game we can notice many beta differences. In the gallery below you can see some of these beta screens:

  • The waggon that we see in the opening place (when Din is dancing near the fire) was once set near the first dungeon too. In the final game it’s never in there.
  • The sprites for the trees and flowers were different in the beta version
  • There are some circle green things near a signboard in one of the beta screens, that does not exist in the final game.
  • The entrance of the first dungeon was different and it did not had a keyhole.
  • Impa’s house was in a slightly different place.
  • There are also many areas in these beta screens that does not look like any other areas in the final game. It’s possible that in this early build they created a small playable demo in a placeholder world, just to shown how the Seasons System worked.

As the game have a complex password system that change some of the content, some of these differences could still be in the final version. If you have more info, please let us know!

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons were originally going to be themed parts of the Triforce Trilogy along with Mystical Seed of Courage. Each of the three games originally had a piece of the Triforce and one of its qualities (Wisdom, Power or Courage) assigned to them. This idea was scrapped relatively late in the development process, and the games were re-branded to remove all mention of this Triforce theme.[Info from Zelda Wikia]

Thanks to the X-Cult Community for the contribution!

You can find more info about Zelda: Oracle of Seasons in the Zelda Wiki!




Fado, the lost Kokiri, is back in the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration!

Do you remember “Fado”, the beta Kokiri girl that was seen in a couple of early screenshots from Ocarina of Time? That girl was changed in the final game with a different 3D model, but now thanks to ZethN64, formally known as ZethAlkar, we can see her again in the beta kokiri restoration hack! This is a standalone hack not associated with any projects.

Here’s “Fado” in a beta screen:

And here’s Fado in the Beta Restoration!


Some other beta kokiri are restored too, you can check them all in the video below: