What if we had Zelda URA for the 64DD?

What if we had Zelda URA for the 64DD?

Then this would happen when loading Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

Basically Zelda Ocarina of Time is ready-to-connect to its 64DD expansion, even if it was never released, and that DISK icon would have marked the URA save file to distinguish it from the normal game. The DISK icon was already found sometime ago thanks to GameShark codes / hack, but this is probably the first time that i see the Zelda URA startup in motion.

Jimmy130 posted this video and a little article on his Nintendo 64 Disk Drive blog (in french). Here’s a rough translation:

I found a solution so that the game starts with the disc Ura Zelda in the 64DD. The result is an unprecedented title screen and selecting the backup disk with the logo.

It is legitimate to ask how I did. And if I had the disk Ura Zelda? Or if not, is it a stupid action replay code? Has this to do with my 64DD development? I do not intend to say right now, I’ll leave the mystery.

I’ll also tell you a little more about how the save. When Zelda OOT detects Ura Zelda in the 64DD, it proposes to start a backup version 64DD (as shown in the video). By cons, now that I have created my backup disk, it is stored in the 256 Kbit SRAM cartridge. So if, for a total coincidence, I restart the game without the 64DD, the backup should be inaccessible.

To know more about Zelda URA and the Zelda 64 development check our article: Project Zelda 3D: The Development of Zelda 64. Props to Jimmy130 for the video!

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11 thoughts on “What if we had Zelda URA for the 64DD?

  1. unvaluablespace

    WOW! I actually did that a long time ago! I stopped messing with zelda & beta stuff years ago, but I remember messing with gameshark codes n values, and stumbling across that same title screen. Not sure if thats exactly it, but I remember something very VERY similar. Only reason I never mentioned it was because I figured since I so easily came upon it, someone else HAD to of found it before me. lo and behold…dang.

    1. monokoma Post author

      The Z64 Beta Restoration was in the works, but it seems that the team just abandoned the project: http://www.unseen64.net/2008/11/15/ocarina-of-time-beta-restoration-project/
      “Currently ZM90 has not touched the beta restoration stuff in months and TBT just recently reformed, they are not done with the demo, and they are just getting things back to normal. Their plan is to release a playable demo of the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration in the following months.”

  2. unvaluablespace

    hey i wonder if he knows any english if not maybe someone can forward this to him for me? its a link for a youtube video of a japanese 64dd rom. wonder if somehow he could link or patch the two together? i know youd still need the zelda ura files but seems hes on the right track. :) thanks


  3. Jimmy130

    The video is the IPL rom running on emulator. There is nothing to do between Zelda OOT and IPLrom. IPLrom initialises 64DD when there isn’t cartridge game in N64, that’s all.

  4. Unvaluablespace

    Wow! Hey you do speak English! Haha. Anyways ok it was just an idea I came across it today actually, and Hoped it might help you in some way. Too bad. Good luck with your research! And nice find :)

  5. cen

    I don’t know for certain if it’s the final text.

    I only have a partial copy of the Ura binary and if Jimmy can write to the 64DD disks and provide me a RAM dump of certain areas while the 64DD is used it is possible I could reconstruct it; perhaps in a ROM format.

    The 64DD itself writes specific functions to the game which I cannot access without a RAM dump from it.

  6. Jesse

    If we had Zelda Ura, then the world would be a better place. :( So many serial killers would have been to busy playing this game instead of outside going on murderous rampages! DAMN YOU VARIOUS PEOPLE WHO PREVENTED THIS FROM ACTUALLY BEING RELEASED!!! *cries hysterically*

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