Mercenaries [PS2 XBOX – Beta / Unused]

Mercenaries [PS2 XBOX – Beta / Unused]

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction is an open world action game developed by Pandemic Studios and published in 2005 by LucasArts for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. DCodes7 was able to find 2 unused cut scenes, one placeholder intro and one unused trailer still hidden in the final game. Also, from looking at the data on the disk it’s possible to see some E3 files (maybe a beta level / demo?) and a debug menu (disabled).

In the gallery below you can see some beta screens with:

  • Beta Jacob
  • Removed Blood?
  • A carbine with a scope (the scope isn’t in the final)



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3 thoughts on “Mercenaries [PS2 XBOX – Beta / Unused]

  1. DCodes7

    @Robert Seddon & DaRk_ViVi
    I know these comments were posted over a year ago (better late than never, right?) but I wanted to add that Mercenaries has a racing min-game where you race from one base to another to get the best time. Maybe Mario64 has to do something with that racing mini-game?

    Anyway, here is an article that was scanned from PSN back when:
    This article was scanned from an April 2005, issue # 96, of PSM (Playstation Magazine)

    Can someone add this scan to this article ASAP, thanks in advance!

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