Zelda: Oracle of Seasons [GBC – Beta]

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons [GBC – Beta]

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons was published by Nintendo and developed by Capcom’s Flagship Studio for the Gameboy Color. In the early screenshots released for the game we can notice many beta differences. In the gallery below you can see some of these beta screens:

  • The waggon that we see in the opening place (when Din is dancing near the fire) was once set near the first dungeon too. In the final game it’s never in there.
  • The sprites for the trees and flowers were different in the beta version
  • There are some circle green things near a signboard in one of the beta screens, that does not exist in the final game.
  • The entrance of the first dungeon was different and it did not had a keyhole.
  • Impa’s house was in a slightly different place.
  • There are also many areas in these beta screens that does not look like any other areas in the final game. It’s possible that in this early build they created a small playable demo in a placeholder world, just to shown how the Seasons System worked.

As the game have a complex password system that change some of the content, some of these differences could still be in the final version. If you have more info, please let us know!

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons were originally going to be themed parts of the Triforce Trilogy along with Mystical Seed of Courage. Each of the three games originally had a piece of the Triforce and one of its qualities (Wisdom, Power or Courage) assigned to them. This idea was scrapped relatively late in the development process, and the games were re-branded to remove all mention of this Triforce theme.[Info from Zelda Wikia]

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You can find more info about Zelda: Oracle of Seasons in the Zelda Wiki!



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2 thoughts on “Zelda: Oracle of Seasons [GBC – Beta]

  1. Dokapox

    Just a little more piece of info for you

    before the game was split into 3, it was going to be a zelda 1 remake done by flagship, that’s why the wise old man from the first game is in it
    and one of the screenshots looks like the first dungeon from zelda 1

    1. monokoma Post author

      Thanks Dokapox! :) I read that somewhere before, i hope to be able to write a deeper article about the Zelda GBC trilogy sometime in the future.. it was an interesting project, it’s sad that we just got 2 games (but well, they are probably among the best Zelda chapters, imho at least)

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