Zelda: Oracle of Seasons [GBC – Beta]

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons [GBC – Beta]

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons was published by Nintendo and developed by Capcom’s Flagship Studio for the Gameboy Color. In the early screenshots released for the game we can notice many beta differences. In the gallery below you can see some of these beta screens:

  • The waggon that we see in the opening place (when Din is dancing near the fire) was once set near the first dungeon too. In the final game it’s never in there.
  • The sprites for the trees and flowers were different in the beta version
  • There are some circle green things near a signboard in one of the beta screens, that does not exist in the final game.
  • The entrance of the first dungeon was different and it did not had a keyhole.
  • Impa’s house was in a slightly different place.
  • There are also many areas in these beta screens that does not look like any other areas in the final game. It’s possible that in this early build they created a small playable demo in a placeholder world, just to shown how the Seasons System worked.

As the game have a complex password system that change some of the content, some of these differences could still be in the final version. If you have more info, please let us know!

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons were originally going to be themed parts of the Triforce Trilogy along with Mystical Seed of Courage. Each of the three games originally had a piece of the Triforce and one of its qualities (Wisdom, Power or Courage) assigned to them. This idea was scrapped relatively late in the development process, and the games were re-branded to remove all mention of this Triforce theme.[Info from Zelda Wikia]

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You can find more info about Zelda: Oracle of Seasons in the Zelda Wiki!



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3 thoughts on “Zelda: Oracle of Seasons [GBC – Beta]

  1. Dokapox

    Just a little more piece of info for you

    before the game was split into 3, it was going to be a zelda 1 remake done by flagship, that’s why the wise old man from the first game is in it
    and one of the screenshots looks like the first dungeon from zelda 1

    1. monokoma Post author

      Thanks Dokapox! :) I read that somewhere before, i hope to be able to write a deeper article about the Zelda GBC trilogy sometime in the future.. it was an interesting project, it’s sad that we just got 2 games (but well, they are probably among the best Zelda chapters, imho at least)

  2. Tuf Pic

    There was also a proposed remake of AOL, & if I may be perfectly honest, I LOATHE THE LINKED ENDING, @least as it is right now, for reasons I illustrate below:

    “Also, not sure if anyone responded to this youtube video when I first posted it, but, just to be sure:


    It gives good reasons why there SHOULD BE AN EXPANDED UNIVERSE FOR ZELDA…

    Also, Serkol, I seem to recall, from reading a certain post on the Zelda Universe Forums, that in Hyrule Historia, it says that  specifically gets defeated by THE GERUDO KING HIMSELF, for the Downfall Timeline to get created!!

    Which means that Twinrova’s quote saying:

    QUOTE (Twinrova)I’ll come back to haunt you!!


    most certainly IS evidence for Ocarina of Time, & Oracles Link to be the same, as well as others…

    & I know you don’t want me to keep saying this, but AOL would have been the PERFECT chance for Twinrova to kidnap Link, & the male Hero of Light, & for the girls to rescue the boys, because, look @ the way they, (the Gerudo), treat men/boys in Ocarina of Time, (I believe that 1 of the imprisoned carpenters said it best, when he said something along the lines of “They threw us into prison, JUST BECAUSE WE’RE MEN!!), & demonic witches SHOULD KIDNAP BOYS, because, that’s the way it is in a lot of fairytales, (arguably the majority), also, the male villains in Zelda, (Vire, Vaati, Ghiriam, Ganon[dorf], & Agahnim), almost without exception kidnap FEMALES, so why should we follow the same old cliches when it comes to female villains, although, granted, Twinrova DO kidnap Nabooru, but that should NOT HAPPEN AS OFTEN AS THEY SHOULD VICTIMIZE BOYS!! Also, they even TALK ABOUT OFFERING HIM AS A SACRIFICE!!


    & maybe if they were to do that in a remake of Zelda 2, then maybe sacrificing Farore in Oracles wouldn’t be so bad, although an even BETTER idea would be to let players CHOOSE who Twinrova kidnaps, instead of forcing an ending down our throats that some of us may HATE, by having a crucial choice earlier on, &, depending on our choice, either Zelda, (*shudders*), Farore, or Link could be sacrificed, much in the same way that they did with Ricky, Moosh, & Dimitri…


    Here’s how I think the current Zelda + the female Hero of Light could rescue the male heroes in an Adventure of Link remake:

    Zelda could be the 1 to tell the heroes about the ancient slumbering Zelda, & Impa could have her own town, (where she would teach the SHADOW SPELL, which would let you turn into a shadow, & avoid most/many enemies, which would remove a lot of headache about the game, anyways, also makes more sense in terms of Ocarina of Time), & the male heroes would fight in the beginning, & later get kidnapped, (perhaps several times?!), by Twinrova, (or at least with their help), @ which point the player would switch to the heroine’s perspective(s), & would try to prevent the boys from being sacrificed (time limit, perhaps?!)…

    & then when the heroines confront the Sorceress Sisters, they would defeat them, rescue the boys, BUT, Twinrova would escape, like Agahnim, & vow to return, & then open up a portal to the Dark Realm, & make the pact with Veran & Onox!!

    Sound good to you?!

    Wow, that was a mouthful!!”,

    “QUOTE (Duke Serkol @ Feb 18 2013, 12:47 AM)Not if there isn’t a solid reason for the differences. If the chosen vessel of Ganon was determined by something completely unrelated it would be really random and an example of poor storytelling.

    And that’s not to mention the effect multiple endings have in an ongoing series. Do the authors arbitrarily decide which one actually happened for reference in future games? (This usually works if the endings are in various degrees of accomplishment for the hero from worse to best, but obviously that’s not what you have in mind here)
    Do they restrict themselves to being vague about it, possibly creating narrative obstacles to future titles?
    You could say, well let’s just have them be different timeline branches. Groovy. Imagine that each new installment in the series did that. Try and multiply the total number of Zelda games by three. That’s how many timelines we’d have by now, most of which left completely unexplored.

    So yeah, query: Does it sound good?
    Response: No.

    This PM I sent to a friend on Zelda Universe says it all:

    QUOTE (Wynter)QUOTE (Tuf Pic)Dear Seishin:

    Does the 3rd flame HAVE TO BE MAGENTA/DESPAIR?!

    It could easily be TERROR/FEAR, & be colored GREEN, to fit better with the 3 Goddesses, & Sorrow could be named IGNORANCE/DECEPTION, because, not only are those opposites of Wisdom, but Veran was decieving the people of Labrynna, & that led to suffering, so…

    Twinrova are the PERFECT VILLIANS TO SACRIFICE LINK, so it makes me very upset to see their potential wasted on sacrificing THE PRINCESS, & it wouldn’t KILL Nintendo, &/or Capcom to do remakes of OOA/OOS, & maybe additionally AOL, & I have a couple of ideas that might make everybody happy…

    1) If AOL comes before OOX on the timeline, then POTENTIALLY, Twinrova could be behind the plot to sacrifice Link, & who knows, maybe they could kidnap him, & the there might be 2 ZELDAS, & the 1 who was from LOZ could rescue him, in which case I WOULD TOLERATE FARORE GETTING SACRIFICED IN OOX, but ONLY IF THAT WERE TO HAPPEN,


    2) What if Nintendo/Capcom were to let players CHOOSE WHO TO SACRIFICE IN A REMAKE OF OOX, through different “secrets”…

    What do you think?!

    Wow, that brings back memories, thought you were over the whole sacrificing Zelda factor, although sacrificing Farore is a different approach this time around, but a welcomed one. It would make more sense if they sacrificed all three Oracles to ressurect Ganon. One would think the combined powers of the Oracles would far supercede that of the royal blood of Zelda. Then again, Nayru could have just been used to bring Ganon back from before his demise. The story’s got some serious gaps.

    Wouldn’t naming the 3 flames something like the following…


    (Can’t argue with this, seeing as destruction is a negative outcome/attribute of POWER),


    (Here’s where we start running into MAJOR problems, as “sorrow” has very little to do with the Goddess Nayru, & Ignorance, Deception, or Deceit would work just as well, considering that Veran was DECEIVING THE QUEEN, & THE PEOPLE OF LABRYNNA, into building the Black Tower, & turning the common folk against Nayru, respectively, so it actually fits into the plot of Oracle of Ages rather well),


    (Twinrova could just *FRIGHTEN THE PEOPLE INTO REVIVING GANON*, now couldn’t they?! That would work equally as well as despair, if not BETTER!!  They could also attempt to SUMMON THE TRIFORCE, & do the reverse of what  did @ the end of A Link to the Past, i.e. they could wish away all of the GOOD that the heroines/heroes did, in addition to reviving the Demon King?!),

    make more sense?!

    EDIT: Thus, Farore or Link WOULD BE BETTER CHOICES!!”

    “QUOTE (Duke Serkol @ Feb 19 2013, 04:38 PM)Yeah, I myself have had the same thoughts you expressed in this last post concerning the flames.
    Obviously, when the plan was to have three games, the purple flame would instead have been green, yes. Odds are though that at the end of the third game, Zelda would still have been kidnapped to be used as a vessel for Ganon’s revival since otherwise she would have had nothing to do throughout the entire thing.

    Rather what I often wonder about is… if the villains of Oracles represent the twisting of the three virtues of the Goddesses, with Onox being all destructive power and Veran being a deceiver… what would the third villain have acted like? Would he have been brash and unpredictable? Or focused on striking fear into the populace?

    Ah well, at least we’re beginning to see eye-to-eye on this matter!!  

    But I still assert that Twinrova should AT LEAST sacrifice the male heroes in a version of AOL…  (Just look @ the way the Gerudo tend to treat most males, aside from Ganondorf, in Ocarina Of Time, for starters)…

    QUOTE (Ichiro @ an imprisoned carpenter, emphasis added by Tuf Pic)Did you come here to save me? Oh, that’s just swell! I’m Ichiro the carpenter.
    *We were really interested in joining their all-female group, but they locked us
    up like this just because we’re men!* We don’t care about the Gerudo anymore!
    They’re so rude!
    Three of my fellows have also been captured, so please help them escape, too!

    & I actually think letting the players choose a linked ending would be A GOOD THING!!

    & couldn’t it have been a female villain, even back then?!

    & if I had to guess, I’d say that they would be trying to strike FEAR INTO PEOPLE’S HEARTS, rather than DESPAIR!!

    Because that would more closely mirror the Triforce’s virtues, IN REVERSE!!

    & perhaps Zelda could have another role, (maybe something like in the manga, where she telepathically contacts Link fighting Ganon)?!

    & I hardly see how Zelda would have been kidnapped in the scenario we are discussing, because, *SHE DOES NOT CORRESPOND TO THE GODDESS,FARORE, OR HER COLOR, OR FOR THAT MATTER, HER ATTRIBUTE!!*”

    “1) Glad I could help explain why!!


    2) …Since it was brought up, well…

    I’m not so sure if I’ll have an actual TOMBSTONE, when I pass on into another plane-of-existence, from this 1, (possibly I might get CREMATED?!), & I think that they should still do a remske of OOX & AOL, in addition to a sequel to Link’s Awakening!!

    & before you ask which timeline branch the sequel to LADX would take place on, (just incase you don’t recall, I mentioned the last time this was brought up on these forums, that they could have done 3 seperate Linked Endings depending on choices made by the player(s) of either/both linkable games, beforehand, much in the same way that they did with the Strange Flutes, which would almost assuredly take place on 3 seperate timelines, anyhow, because you can only have 1 Strange Flute, & hence 1 Pet per-game file, & they would have to, out of necessity take place on different timeline branches anyhow, which was an idea I DID LIKE IN OOX, & depending on which route was taken, either: 1) as much as I loathe this option, Zelda, who has a connection to the Spoiler: Goddess Hylia, would stay the victim, 2) Farore, or 3)  who both have a connection with the color GREEN would be the victim,), all 3 timelines could be drawn into the new Dreamworld via the Spoiler: Windfish’s knowledge of multiple worlds/universes/Timelines/Realms/Realities/Dimensions!!

    I hope that makes sense, despite it being quite the long-winded explanation!!

    & Pokemon as well, & now that I’ve brought that up, I might as well include a URL to anothe thread I made on these forums:


    Just had to get that out there!!”

    Source-threads for the above quotes, from the Broadcast Satellite/Satellaview Zelda Home Page:




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