Team Fortress 2 Alpha (Team GabeN’s) Leaked

Team Fortress 2 Alpha (Team GabeN’s) Leaked

Do you remember the post about the Team Fortress 2 Alpha “Invasion”? Well, a guy named 4emoman on BetaArchive seems to have leaked this build sometime ago, but his files went down later. Another user named Popbob has re-uploaded it on Rapidshare but on its release there are some unuseful files such as an MP3 in the TF2 folder that seems to have nothing to do with the release or Team GabeN’s tools for compiling maps.

LucaPM has uploaded a cleaner version of the Team Fortress 2 Alpha with batch files for opening the game with “advanced” options such as opening it with the control console. You can find this new leaked version at LucaPM’s blog or you can read more about this release at Team GabeN’s Wiki.

Below you can see a video of the alpha in action:

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One thought on “Team Fortress 2 Alpha (Team GabeN’s) Leaked

  1. LucaPM

    Yes.It is original but some assets that were non-working in the original link were replaced with some mod’s assets.For the rest,it’s 100% original.

    PS:You can find the original leaked TF2 source code in the WC (World Craft) Map Pack.

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