WayForward Technologies

Bloodrayne Betrayal [Beta / Concept – XBLA / PSN]

Bloodrayne Betrayal is an action game developed by WayForward that was released in 2011 for Xbox 360 XBLA and PS3 PSN. In the screenshots below we can see some concept arts of the characters and of the levels, both of which changed quite a lot during the development.


Aliens: Colonial Marines [DS – Cancelled]

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a side scrolling action game (similar to Contra / Metal Slug) that was in development by WayForward Technologies for the Nintendo DS, but the project was later cancelled along with all the other Aliens games that were going to be published by SEGA (a FPS and an RPG for the Xbox 360 / PS3). It seems that SEGA decided to not release the Aliens games for financial troubles.

Thanks to Dark_ViVi and ABetaName for the contribution!




Shantae 2006 [DS – Cancelled]


The original Shantae is a platform game created by Matt Bozon for the Game Boy Color. It was produced by WayForward Technologies and distributed by Capcom. Various Shantae sequels were planned for the GBA, GameCube and the DS, but never released. In the first Shantae Club newsletter (May 2008), Wayforward revealed some interesting infos about the DS version of Shanate: “In 2006-2007 we hit pretty hard, with a massive undertaking to redo the cast of hero and enemy sprites, and about half of the sequel’s backgrounds were created by