Bloodrayne Betrayal [Beta / Concept – XBLA / PSN]

Bloodrayne Betrayal [Beta / Concept – XBLA / PSN]

Bloodrayne Betrayal is an action game developed by WayForward that was released in 2011 for Xbox 360 XBLA and PS3 PSN. In the screenshots below we can see some concept arts of the characters and of the levels, both of which changed quite a lot during the development.


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One thought on “Bloodrayne Betrayal [Beta / Concept – XBLA / PSN]

  1. Jack

    You know, the other day I was looking for footage of Red Fly’s Devil May Cry prototype for Wii, so I hit up their old Youtube page. I found what I was looking for, as well as footage from their pitch demos for Batman Arkham Wii, Dig Dug Wii, Darth Maul, etc. They pitched A LOT before closing their doors, and it’s a shame they bet so much on being Nintendo specialists (that never pays off, historically speaking).

    But one game I DIDN’T ever recall hearing them working on/pitching was Bloodrayne 3 until now. They have a video for a combat prototype that’s pretty neat, and looks like it could’ve pushed the series into more of a Bayonetta “stylish cinematic beat’em up” direction instead of a third person shooter with melee combat. I mean, if Majesco (or whoever owns the IP now) ever actually could’ve greenlit it. It’s still pretty neat! Check it out:

    It’s clear that they had a neat little in-house engine that they could easily tweak to fit various IP like Batman, Devil May Cry, Bloodrayne, etc. Such a shame none of their games got proper support by publishers, and that LucasArts’ jerked ’em around with their non-commital stance regarding Darth Maul. I hope those guys & gals got some good jobs elsewhere after Red Fly closed down.

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