StarFox [Virtual Boy – Cancelled]

Star fox VB (Virtual Boy) was a tech demo of the star fox game that was in developement for the virtual boy. The originally planned game itself, “Star Fox Virtual Boy” was cancelled obviously because the virtual boy died soon after the tech demo was revealed. It only ever was saw by the attendees of E3 1995 and at the Winter Consumer Electronics show of 1995 along with the other cancelled star fox game, Star Fox 2. It was revealed at E3 95′ when nintendo showcased their previously planned and small virtual boy library. To do this, nintendo gave all attendees 3-D glasses to watch the projected images more effectively. At this conference was where the only publicised image of Star Fox VB was taken, as seen below.



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Armed (Aftermath) [PSX/Saturn – Cancelled]

Armed (also known as Aftermath) is a cancelled side-scrolling beat ’em up / action game that was in development by Interplay / Point of View  / Activision (?) for the original Playstation and Saturn.  The game could have been released under a different name but looking at the few screens preserved in the gallery below, it does not look like any other Activision / Interplay game published on the PSX or Saturn.

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HILL Project [PS2/PSP – Cancelled?]

“2D shooters usually originate from Japan – they invented the genre with Space Invaders, after all. French developers Gaming Side, however, are going to try and beat them at their own game. Enter HILL Project, which needless to say is only a temporary title.The RenderWare development tool will be doing the leg work, but we can’t work out whether it’s looking basic or stylish. The developers are keen to boast about their two unique features – the ability to change the view from top-down to side-on at will, and upgrading weapons on the fly. Over 30 will feature, and they can be combined to create new ones.Prototypes are up and running on both PlayStation 2 and PC, with a PSP version planned and the DS also under consideration. A publisher has yet to be found.” [now cancelled?]

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Star Fox 2 [SNES – Unreleased]


StarFox 2 is an unreleased video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was to be a part of the Star Fox series and the direct sequel to Star Fox. The game was never released due to the impending release of the Nintendo 64 and the desire to use the most advanced systems available for the game. There have since been various rumors about a release of the game in various formats.

The game was extensively covered by the various gaming magazines of the time, both at its one E3 appearance as well as in the many screenshots provided by Nintendo to generate interest in the sequel. Since the leaking of the unfinished beta code, some individuals have managed to take and compile a large variety of screengrabs. These were taken using an emulator. Though it’s likely that a promotion video was put together at the time, no copies of it have ever been made public. The lack of media coverage about the compiled beta may be due to a fear of legal action from either NCL or NOA. Early in development, Fara Phoenix from the Star Fox comic (called “Lady” in the alpha) and the Andross look-alike “Saru” were in place of Miyu and Fay. Fay replaced a sheep character (gender unknown) from the game’s early development.

On the Internet, ROM images exist of two very early alpha versions of the game, which were originally shown at trade shows. Another ROM, compiled from the latest known source code before the project was cancelled, can also be found — this version is nearly complete and contains minor bugs, debug code, and unfinished features such as a rudimentary multiplayer mode. These ROMs can be played using a SNES emulator. Additionally, fan-made patch can be added to the near-final ROM — this fixes most of the bugs, removes the debug code and the unfinished features, and translates the game’s dialog into English. – [info from Wikipedia]

For more infos: StarFox 2 – Beta Analysis

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Geist Force [DC – Cancelled]


Si conosce molto poco su Geist Force, se non che doveva essere uno sparatutto per il Sega Dreamcast, ambientato nel futuro. In un lontano pianeta, durante una guerra civile, era stata scoperta un’ arma che stava distruggendo l’astro, il vostro compito era di fermarla. Il gioco venne ufficialmente cancellato a causa del producer, non contento dello sviluppo della sua creazione, e dal fatto che il team di sviluppo era costantemente cambiato, per colpa dei designer che abbandonavano il lavoro al gioco.

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