Paper Mario [N64 – Debug Rooms / Unused Stuff]


FullMetalMC has sent to us a mail with some interesting images and infos: “These are debug rooms from the original Paper Mario, taken by me using various codes found by others. You can see different rooms:

but dont save or your stuck there
– a strange forest debug that seems to have been used to test the camera: moving around will make the camera move around.
– a mirror debug room.
– a really weird room: when you first enter, theres a bunch of Koopas in a line, but when you talk to them they change into your helpers while a circular wave continues to form around Mario.
– a pipe debug room: none of them work.
– a room with a big purple circle in the back that was originally used to test Goombarios out of battle skill but the message was later changed to the mini game thing. Goombario tells you information about places and enemies but he has no info on all debug rooms except this one.
– the strangest one out of all of them, has a MARIO RPG text on the floor, that might be an extremely early logo. For some reason the screen kept flickering while i was here, only stopping at certain times. If you have a helper out, instead of following you he begins to fly around the room. Theres some numbered exits that use a font that reminds me of Super Mario 64 and i dont think that font was used anywhere else in Paper Mario. These exits (well at least the ones that work) will take you to different periods in the story.”

Thanks to Jose Felipe Riveros Navarro that has sent to us even more images from the debug rooms, we can see a “Pow Block” unused in the final game, another debug room with some strange wooden platform, an hidden star-piece in the Forest debug room and the Koopa Tropas queue!

Hackers also managed to find two enemy names that went unused, D. Paratroopa and Albino Dino. D. Paratroopas moved to the game’s sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and while Albino Dinos did appear in one room of Paper Mario, you never actually fight them. Even more weird, Goombario even has Tattles for these unused enemies:

Dark Paratroopa
– This is a D. Paratroopa.
D. Paratroopas are Para-
troopas who live in the
Toad Town Tunnels.

Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 3,
Defense Power: 2

Hammer attacks won’t work
because they’re airborne.

They’ll lose their wings if
you jump on ’em.

They’ll become Dark Koopas
when they fall, but be careful!
They’ll do a dizzy attack
once they’re grounded.

Albino Dino
– This is an Albino Dino.

Albino Dinos are the guards
of this frosty place.

Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 4,
Defense Power: 4

Fire attacks won’t work.

Their defense power is huge,
so let’s reduce their HP
steadily using our strongest
damage-dealing attacks.

Goomther managed to find their battle data using a battle modifier code, and the enemies seem to be fully functional! Check the video below to see them.




Blizzard Cancelled Games


At DICE 2008, Blizzard had some talk about their games and in there, they showed an interesting list with a couple of “new” artworks for some of their cancelled projects. As Kotaku has wrote about:

“The team also revealed a list of the Blizzard games that have been canceled over the course of their 17 years, a list longer than you may think. If you thought Blizzard was only focused on StarCraft, Warcraft and Diablo, think again. While they may have a few lesser known titles like Blackthorne and The Lost Vikings on their resumes, they were at one point working on all of the following 

Nomen Quest / Aidyn Chronicles [Beta – N64]


Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage is a video game developed by H2O Interactive and published by THQ. It is one of the few console RPG released for the Nintendo 64. Due to a combination of the poor reviews and even poorer sales, projects for a sequel were dropped.  The game has developed somewhat of a cult following, leading some groups to try to remake the game for Wii or DS homebrew with improved graphics and more rigorous bug testing. [Info from Wikipedia]

In the gallery below you can see some screenshots from a target render that was created in the early days of the project, when it was still know as “Nomen Quest“. In these images the graphic was much more detailed and definited than the one in the final game. Some other screens are from a later beta version, with a different HUD.

Thanks to Myron Mason, we found out more beta differences in these early screens:

The beta for Aidyn Chronicles is indeed very different from the finished game. I have the game and I can already noticed the major differences. The characters are either wearing different clothing or have different colored versions in the beta version and the compass and solar/lunar indicator are different as well. Some of the monsters looked different like the Minotaur as well as the cities. For example, in image 5 it shows the observatory in Gwernia castle, the first city you basically start in. It stands next to the shops and is black in the beta version, but in the finished version it is inside of the castle.

Also, it appears that in the beta version you could pick who you wanted to represent the party when walking around outside of battle. And you could also make that character carrie a weapon around with them. In the realeased version, only Alaron (the main character) represented the party and no weapons could be carried around.

Update: Lisa wrote to us for some corrections:

Although I do realise Myron Mason is only claiming he has the retail game and has spotted some differences in the beta pictures it should not be there as non of it is true. The only true part is that clothing is different on a very few characters.

If you played the game and you can notice some more interesting changes, please let us know!


Anachronox [PC Beta / PS1 Cancelled]


Anachronox… a cold dark planet in the center of the Sender Sphere, crime… mafia… and a hilarious turn of style. Anachronox was an Rpg featured in the year 2001 by Edios Interactive and Ion storm, you took the place of Sylvester Bucelli (Sly Boots), A run down dectective living in a storage space above a bar. After being thrown out of a windobw by the local mafia taxman, he sets off in a quest to get his life back. He soon gets a small dectective work guiding a man down into a vast dangerous sewer like cave known as the Mystech Tunnels from there on he