Paper Mario [N64 – Debug Rooms / Unused Stuff]

Paper Mario [N64 – Debug Rooms / Unused Stuff]


FullMetalMC has sent to us a mail with some interesting images and infos: “These are debug rooms from the original Paper Mario, taken by me using various codes found by others. You can see different rooms:

but dont save or your stuck there
– a strange forest debug that seems to have been used to test the camera: moving around will make the camera move around.
– a mirror debug room.
– a really weird room: when you first enter, theres a bunch of Koopas in a line, but when you talk to them they change into your helpers while a circular wave continues to form around Mario.
– a pipe debug room: none of them work.
– a room with a big purple circle in the back that was originally used to test Goombarios out of battle skill but the message was later changed to the mini game thing. Goombario tells you information about places and enemies but he has no info on all debug rooms except this one.
– the strangest one out of all of them, has a MARIO RPG text on the floor, that might be an extremely early logo. For some reason the screen kept flickering while i was here, only stopping at certain times. If you have a helper out, instead of following you he begins to fly around the room. Theres some numbered exits that use a font that reminds me of Super Mario 64 and i dont think that font was used anywhere else in Paper Mario. These exits (well at least the ones that work) will take you to different periods in the story.”

Thanks to Jose Felipe Riveros Navarro that has sent to us even more images from the debug rooms, we can see a “Pow Block” unused in the final game, another debug room with some strange wooden platform, an hidden star-piece in the Forest debug room and the Koopa Tropas queue!

Hackers also managed to find two enemy names that went unused, D. Paratroopa and Albino Dino. D. Paratroopas moved to the game’s sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and while Albino Dinos did appear in one room of Paper Mario, you never actually fight them. Even more weird, Goombario even has Tattles for these unused enemies:

Dark Paratroopa
– This is a D. Paratroopa.
D. Paratroopas are Para-
troopas who live in the
Toad Town Tunnels.

Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 3,
Defense Power: 2

Hammer attacks won’t work
because they’re airborne.

They’ll lose their wings if
you jump on ’em.

They’ll become Dark Koopas
when they fall, but be careful!
They’ll do a dizzy attack
once they’re grounded.

Albino Dino
– This is an Albino Dino.

Albino Dinos are the guards
of this frosty place.

Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 4,
Defense Power: 4

Fire attacks won’t work.

Their defense power is huge,
so let’s reduce their HP
steadily using our strongest
damage-dealing attacks.

Goomther managed to find their battle data using a battle modifier code, and the enemies seem to be fully functional! Check the video below to see them.



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25 thoughts on “Paper Mario [N64 – Debug Rooms / Unused Stuff]

  1. FullMetalMC

    hey l havent seen u before are u a member? y dont u join the forum u can talk to other ppl who have an interest in beta games and see pics and info before they appear on the front page

    Using this Gameshark code will allow you to access the debug rooms on the 1.0 NTSC (US) version. To use it proplerly go to the beginning of the game where you wake up after fighting Bowser. after u have waken up leave the house and head to the exit to the left

    D10740B0 0000
    810740B0 ????

    FFE0 – Main Debug Room
    0175 – Debug Room Part 1
    0176 – Debug Room Part 2
    0177 – Debug Room Part 3
    0179 – Forest Debug Room
    017A – Mirror Debug Room
    017C – Misc Debug Room
    017D – Pipe Debug Room
    0183 – Unused Mini-Game Map

  2. pipe

    and not i am not a member and if i was a member my post will be in bad english
    i talk spanish i am from chile and for a time i see this page is very good and now with the updates more frecuently is better

    well goodbye ;)

  3. FullMetalMC

    join anyway pipe l talk Spanish too maybe l can help out too plus we have some Italian members (the person who owns the site is Italian) and they write it pretty well plus theyre learning

  4. 8PM

    Beta unused places and items are always interesting,the only thing I wonder is how people get the codes to get there in the first place

  5. cen

    these are actually codes from my old website; which i had submitted to kodewerx ages ago. i really don’t like it when people steal my codes (for example: rune)

  6. monokoma

    There’s a bit of confusione about who found these codes first, maybe i should just write a general “using some codes” in the description?

  7. Farplane Dragon

    Uh, apparently you’re the one confused, whether I found them first or not, I legitly hacked that code out. I find it funny how I supposedly “stole” your code when I’ve never even heard or been to your website. I’ve personally never claimed to be the original finder of the codes, as monokoma can tell you from the email I sent him regarding this in the past, however, I’d appreciate it if you toned done the ego and stop assuming you’re the only one who knows how to hack a scene modifier.

  8. cen

    a) timestamps don’t lie.
    b) gscentral/rune has been known to be involved in a lot of credit theft activity in the gameshark scene.

    the fact you are defending yourself makes it all the more funny.
    as i said before i do not really care.

  9. Farplane Dragon

    Right, because you’re the only person in existence that knows how to hack scene modifiers. Give me a break. I really don’t care that you found it first. Rune had nothing to with finding the code, it was found on my own. I really don’t care what problems you have with rune, but keep me out of it and stop making the assumption that other people don’t understand how to hack video games.

  10. Red

    The numbers on the exits look familiar because they are the number that appear every time you collect a red coin in super mario 64

  11. Boney Grunty

    Actually, that POW block is used in the final game; it an in-battle animation that happens after you use the POW block item from your inventory. It’s a 3D rendering and Mario simply jumps to hit it and the effect goes. It would be interesting to know if the developers had actually planned to use it during gameplay, though.

  12. SteamingBullet

    There are also a bunch of unused badges and items in this game. It can be found here, . I even have a code for beta badges

    8110F444 ????

    00EA Hideennocho
    00F0 Hammer Charge
    00F6 Jump Charge
    0101 No Pawaa Anger’s Power
    0102 Perfect Command
    010E Certain Kill Step
    010F Certain Kill Whack
    0110 Happy Heart
    0115 Super Gettoo
    0118 Auto In Succession
    0119 Total Economizing
    0122 Bagoon Jump
    0125 Bagoon Hammer
    0127 Power Smash
    012A Super Prayer
    012B Shrink Smash
    012C Waari Shell Waari
    0131 Earthquake Jump
    0149 Attack FX F
    0150 Genki Healthy Healthy

    They will show as items though. Just overflow your inventory and drop it, pick it up and its a badge.

  13. PERSON

    When i was typing in badge values i found out that attack fx repeats 4 times… anyway when my cousin and i were typing in codes to see if they made a difference we ran into a nifty badge that had no name, i think it is earthquake jump but i alwasy called it quake stomp

  14. PERSON

    The place with the purple circle and unusual platforms was NOT an unused mini game map, it was to test Goombarios talky thing to see what he did so than Nintendo put a testing message in it and during later development they changed it to the mini game message.. and anyway if it were an unused mini game map it would have the blocks that you would break

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