[Update] A couple of new intros

[Update] A couple of new intros

Pokèmon Snap [N64 – Beta]: Various beta images of Pokèmon Snap show a bar in the bottom right corner where you can select Pokè Flute, Apple, and some bomb thing. Also unseen in the same images are shots of a desert area not released on the final game. There’s also some screens from the forest and swamp, showing some pretty big changes. Ekans, the snake Pokèmon was also in the beta version, but not in the final. Why Ekans was cut is unknown.

Sonic [DS – Tech Demo]: The core gameplay of Sonic DS was to rub the bar on the touch screen as fast as possible. The fast you rub, the fast Sonic goes. There also seems to be some sort of obstacle jumping element. In the end, the whole idea was scrapped for the 2D platformer, Sonic Rush. Playable characters in Sonic DS included Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Shadow, and Blaze.

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