Sonic DS [E3 2004 – Tech Demo]

Sonic DS [E3 2004 – Tech Demo]


The core gameplay of Sonic DS was to rub the bar on the touch screen as fast as possible. The fast you rub, the fast Sonic goes. There also seems to be some sort of obstacle jumping element. In the end, the whole idea was scrapped for the 2D platformer, Sonic Rush. Playable characters in Sonic DS included Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Shadow, and Blaze.



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12 thoughts on “Sonic DS [E3 2004 – Tech Demo]

  1. Alec

    I’m also interested in this… honestly, i could probably play this for longer sittings than Sonic Rush.

  2. DL

    Where do you get the info on multiple playable characters in Sonic DS? There is no indication that the characters would be in this game.

  3. Aceee130

    aww this game was pretty much cancelled unless SEGA dose put this on the 3DS as a downloadable feature

  4. Iain'tbutthurt

    You guys have any IPhone of some sort? Because Sega bought this game to the app store, changed the gameplay mechanics and renamed it to Sonic Dash.

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