Radical Entertainment

A.I. The Circuit [XBOX – Cancelled]

A.I. The Circuit (aka A.I. Gladiator) is a cancelled fighting game that was in development by Radical Entertainment for the original Xbox. In May 2001 Microsoft signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Warner Bros to publish games based on Steven Spielberg’s movie “A.I.: Artificial Intelligence”. Three A.I. games were planned but in the end they were all cancelled: A.I. The Circuit, A.I. Guardian and A.I. Chaser.

In december 2009, Borman from Superior Version found a playable prototype of A.I. The Circuit on an Alpha Xbox 1 Development Kit. This project was the last A.I. game  to be identified and thanks to Borman we are able to preserve many screens and videos from the proto! For more info and media, check Superior Version




Manhattan Project (Blood Lines) [PSX – Beta]

Manhattan Project is the early working title of Blood Lines, an action / puzzle game developed by Radical Entertainment in 1998, for the original Playstation. In the game the player needs to touch the light sources that are placed in the levels, to change them in his own color. At the end of the time, the player that owns more lights wins the match.

From these early screens we can notice that the characters in the beta version were different and even the light effects are not like the final ones.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


Video (from the final version):