Beetle Adventure Racing [Beta / Unused – N64]

Beetle Adventure Racing is a racing game developed by Paradigm Entertainment and released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. Goomther noticed that in the GSCentral archive there is a cheat code that modifies the track you’re about to race on. Some of the values turned out to be beta / unused tracks and debug rooms. You can check them in the video below.

Beetle Battle was known as Bug Hunt in the beta version and had 9 ladybugs. The unused ladybugs are the Black Ladybug, the Grey Ladybug and the White Ladybug. The boxes used in Beetle Battle and some placeholder objects also exist as ladybugs, it’s unknown why they are there, but the developers just tested them (they forgot to remove them). There is a test turning track in the game that doesn’t have it’s own track. It has a bridge in the middle and a road that goes from the other one. The left part begins with it going with no turns. Then it turns right and left. The right part begins with the road then turning left into the bridge. The tracks you see in the menus also exist as their own models. The Inferno Isle menu track 2 has one difference: the small road to the left doesn’t exist. The beetles do have weird crappy textures on their back, however some don’t have it.

Thanks to Vanalker for the contribution!



SpongeBob Gravjet Blast [Cancelled – Xbox 360 Live Arcade]

SpongeBob Gravjet Blast (codenamed Prodigy) was a racing game for Xbox Live Arcade planned for release in 2009. The game used popular characters in the Nicktoons lineup, both past and present, such as Ren and Stimpy. The gameplay was inspired by the Wipeout series and featured fast paced hover racing with weapon combat. The direction of gravity changed with the winding of the track, so that the ships would race sideways, upside down, or even around cylinders. There were shortcuts in each track as well as panels on the track surface that would cause the ships to slow down or slide when driven over. Each character had a unique ship and track that used elements of their respective art styles, but gave them a futuristic twist. The game ended development in it’s beta stage due to financial issues.



Kirby Air Ride [GC – Beta / Unused / Debug]

Kirby Air Ride is an Spin-off Kirby game developed by HAL laboratory for the Nintendo GameCube, which has been featured as the first racing game starring the pink-character that has been released. Kirby Air Ride was originally developed for the Nintendo64, but the Nintendo 64-bit version was postponed many times and then cancelled. The project seemed doomed, but Nintendo somehow resurrected it for the GameCube in 2003.

However, some Beta elements remains in some of the E3 Trailers, let see them below:

  • 0:14 ~ By a quickly look, you can see the arrow as RED color, but the Kirby is Pink;
  • 0:23 ~ In Checker Knights the graphics are little “non-detailed”;
  • 0:27 ~ When showing the HUD, it’s possible to see the map as 3D, on the final product, the map have been changed to 2D, such as a Sprite;
  • 0:27 ~ Plasma ability had an another icon (on the final version is different and it’s green) and his charge wasn’t tilt the control, it seems you would recharge such you recharge the machine, holding A;
  • 0;32 ~ Frozen Hillside was really different during the Beta;
  • 0:34 ~ The “Laps” was very bad specific, the lap counter was only a number at the top of the screen, it have been changed lately;
  • 0:34 ~ All the icons “1P-2P-3P-4P-CPU” was totally different, you can see them many on the videos, but you might only see the 2P on 0:34;
  • 0:42 ~ Inside the house on City Trial was totally pink, it was changed with more colors and objects in that house;
  • 0:44 ~ Rocket Star recharged much more faster in the Beta, in the Final version, it takes about 10 Seconds to recharged totally;
  • 0:49 ~ The volcano was totally solid with only one color, it was more detailed lately;
  • 0:49 ~ The Jumper platform was changed;
  • 0:59 ~ A lot of enemies doesn’t have shadow during the beta;
  • 1:05 ~ There is a mysterious flower in Checker Knights;
  • 1:09 ~ The Signs were removed;
  • 1:25 ~ Mike Ability seems to be uncompleted on the Beta Section;
  • Most of the stages have a minor differences: in Checker Knights, there wasn’t buttons at the end and some other stuff (such as other ways); at the desert, there wasn’t any slopes; and on other stages there was other minor differences too.
  • And here, an another trailer showing even more beta stuff:

  • 0:03 ~ The Start flag is really different;
  • 0:03 ~ The Red arrow have returned;
  • 0:17 ~ The 3D map again;
  • 0:25 ~ Look how different was the sign;
  • 0:27 ~ And look again, how different was the boost pad, there was a square with arrows, in the final version, it was much more detailed, there wasn’t a floor (square), and have more shading and etc;
  • 0:53 ~ Wheelie ability is slightly different;
  • 0:56 ~ Beta Plasma Ability as already show in the other trailer;
  • 1:02 ~ Enemies didn’t turned into dust in the Beta version, they just were fly up away;
  • 1:05 ~ In this part of the video, it’s possible to see again the uncompleted Mike ability;
  • 1:06 ~ The Spike ability had much more range;
  • 1:17 ~ This time, everyone have got Red arrows;
  • Some of the stages have little differences.
  • Hidden in the game’s code of Kirby Air Ride, there is a Debug Menu screen, which is really similar to the one in Super Smash Bros. Melee, with many features on it, such as:

  • Camera Debug
  • Item Spawner
  • Enemy Spawner
  • Game Modification
  • Effects Viewer
  • Debugging tools
  • and such others
  • I want to thanks Mack for discovering these!

    On the debug menu, we can see much unused stages and unused vehicles.


  • TEST: It just Crashes. Update:ConkerGuru discovered a way to access this stage by just disabling an option on the Debug Menu. Let’s watch the video below!
  • TEST6: Finishing Test (just a really long line)
  • TEST7: Gliding Test
  • SIMPLE: It just Crashes
  • SIMPLE2: General Arena testing, contains some unused stuff:
  • Health Bar on Air-ride mode
  • There is a flying block enemy, which probably was to be replaced
  • Other stuff
  • DUMMY: Just nothing [It’s just like Super Smash Bros. Melee)
  • Vehicles

  • WHEEL_NORMAL: A very old model of a wheelie vehicle
  • STAR_HANDLE: Used on Top-ride, but not on City Trial/Air-ride
  • STAR_FREE: Used on Top-ride, but not on City Trial/Air-ride
  • Another informations by Mack:

    RACE3DMODEGoes into the 3d mode debug options (Stadium, City Trail and Air Ride)
    RACE3DMODEGoes into Top Ride debug menu (insanely complicated menu in Japanese);
    OPTION MODESome options such as sound option;
    PAL MODESets the language (PAL ONLY) to Europe ;
    CLEARCHECKIf enabled, all the check lists will be completed 100%;
    SOUND TESTA menu will pop which will be sound test. You can listen to both music and SFX;
    RUMBLE TESTTests the rumble feature;
    MOVIE TESTDisplays a list of all the tutorials and “movies” in the game that can be watched. Altough CPU gameplays are not present.(also know as demo movies);
    MEMCARD TEST: A bunch of complicated options related to the memory card.;
    ENDING TESTShow the 3 endings.;
    LAN EMULATELan testing feature.;
    LAN MENU TESTDisplays the lan menu.;
    SYNC TEST???? Possibly a test for sync;

    There is a Topride debug menu, which seems to edit the whole game. It’s possible to change attributes, change gravity, change items, change the track collisions, change in general, and even saves. But for now, it’s a very complicated debug menu, and will be more researches about it later.

    The Sync test, as said in Mack’s commentary, is the same box as Sound Checker, but it’s unknown about it

    There is also a vehicle called “VS_DEDEDE” which means “Dedede Stadium Arena” is the same as “DEDEDE_BIKE” the bike that you use when you choose Dedede on a Match. But this Stadium Arena version is kinda different, with worst Max Speed and better Charge Speed.

    There is a effect menu that can be accessed on gameplay (of course with the Debug Menu). There is lots of effects on the vehicles, on the levels and even, on the Menu (don’t know how view them).

    Thanks to Mack, Gabrielwoj and ConkerGuru for the contributors!


    Unused Vehicles and Stages:

    TEST stage:

    General Debug Functions:

    Note: Mack asked me about upload the video on my profile, I gave all the credits to him, for make the video

    Enemy spawning: (all informations on the video)

    More Enemy Spawning:

    Tac and Meteo enemy usage:

    Effects Viewer:


    TopRide Debug Mode:

    VS_Dedede vehicle:

    Also not forgetting that the TopRide Debug Menu is very complex, this menu even was need a Save File for Debug into the game:


    Scooty Racers [PS2 XBOX – Cancelled]

    Scooty Racers is a cancelled racing game that was in development for the Xbox and Playstation 2. Rapallo (Italy) based publisher and developer Trecision announced in 2001 that it was working on this arcade racer for next generation consoles. In the game, players race agile scooters through large free-roaming environments depicted using a cel-shaded graphical style. For the project Ivan Del Duca from Milestone ( known software house specialized in racing games ) and Rick Gush from Westwood were hired by the italian company. In the later stages the game was adapted to the Popeye license and renamed Popeye: Hush Rush for the Spinach however all the efforts were wasted when Cryo, the french publisher, closed doors in 2002.

    Trecision got back the full rights over the game however, the closure of Cryo hit Trecision heavily, as the shareholders decided not to sustain the company anymore. Trecision filed for voluntary liquidation in July 2003.


    GP Advance [GBA – Cancelled]

    GP Advance was a Formula 1 game built by Prograph Research around their 3d engine called DR Advance in 2003. As you can see from the video the italian developer coded an impressive engine capable of features more inline with a PS1 than a GBA (Over 2.296 texture mapped polygons on screen at 20fps , more than 45.920 polygons per second, with 100% screen coverage). Sadly the promising DR Advance was never fully utilized in a commercial product.

    Here what Massimiliano Calamai, Prograph Research developer at the time,  recalls about the project:

    GP Advance was born thanks to an idea developed by staff through an engine coded by Stefano Dragovina, exceptional low-level programmer.
    The really interesting aspect of the game and in particular technology was really the power of Engine, in practice Stefano had coded at very low level only the processor as if it really does not care to be part of a Game Boy Advance … so much that while we were running our engine, we could stick on what we wanted in 2D!
    The game was in very good progress, the video we proposed is actually taken out of gameplay in real time (in the office we had fun beating the record between us on the Sepang circuit).

    Our idea was to generate interest in the engine and in case propose a formula-like without a license.

    Unfortunately, though the interest was high, the profit margin offered was too low, as the GBA market become saturated very quickly and third-party products usually sold very few copies. So much so that EA, very interested in the project was reducing the number of their productions releasing titles ever more small and low quality.
    Once the demo program was complete, after several months of negotiations with potential publishers, we had to give up the idea of completing the project, giving priority to other products under contract. Really a pity!

    Watch for yourself how good the game looked: