Beetle Adventure Racing [Beta / Unused – N64]

Beetle Adventure Racing [Beta / Unused – N64]

Beetle Adventure Racing is a racing game developed by Paradigm Entertainment and released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. Goomther noticed that in the GSCentral archive there is a cheat code that modifies the track you’re about to race on. Some of the values turned out to be beta / unused tracks and debug rooms. You can check them in the video below.

Beetle Battle was known as Bug Hunt in the beta version and had 9 ladybugs. The unused ladybugs are the Black Ladybug, the Grey Ladybug and the White Ladybug. The boxes used in Beetle Battle and some placeholder objects also exist as ladybugs, it’s unknown why they are there, but the developers just tested them (they forgot to remove them). There is a test turning track in the game that doesn’t have it’s own track. It has a bridge in the middle and a road that goes from the other one. The left part begins with it going with no turns. Then it turns right and left. The right part begins with the road then turning left into the bridge. The tracks you see in the menus also exist as their own models. The Inferno Isle menu track 2 has one difference: the small road to the left doesn’t exist. The beetles do have weird crappy textures on their back, however some don’t have it.

Thanks to Vanalker for the contribution!


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4 thoughts on “Beetle Adventure Racing [Beta / Unused – N64]

  1. Vanalker

    I’m not going to write too many comments here, but I found a code that can warp you to unused tracks and used tracks. The code is 80025D37 00??

    Replace ?? with the following:
    01 – TEST ROAD
    02 – TEST GRID
    04 – ROUND TRACK
    05 – Coventry Cove
    06 – Wicked Woods
    07 – Mount Mayhem
    08 – Sunset Sands
    09 – Inferno Isle
    0A – Metro Madness
    0B – Stunt O Rama
    0C – TRACK 8
    0D – TRACK 9
    0E – TRACK 10
    10 – DERBY (Beta track containing parts of all single player tracks
    1B – INTRO1 (Coventry Cove)
    1C – INTRO2 (Wicked Woods)
    1D – INTRO3 (Mount Mayhem)
    1E – INTRO4 (Sunset Sands)
    1F – INTRO5 (Inferno Isle)
    20 – INTRO6 (Metro Madness)
    21 – FINISH (???)
    22 – Black water track
    98 – White track
    93 – Loads the main menu song
    91 – Loads the main menu song
    87 – Loads the main menu song
    60 – Loads the main menu song
    51 – Loads the main menu song
    43 – MULT10 with weird textures
    32 – White track
    29 – Loads the main menu song
    2C – MM/SS intro music
    4E – Black water track
    6A – Loads the main menu song
    6D – Loads the main menu song
    8C – Loads the main menu song
    9A – Loads the main menu song
    9E – Loads the main menu song

    There’s some more tracks, including a test turning track in the game, though there’s no code that makes them playable.

    That’s all from me. And without Vanalker, these tracks would never be found in the game.

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