Powerslave 2 (Exhumed 2) [Cancelled – Playstation, PC]

Powerslave 2 (Exhumed 2) [Cancelled – Playstation, PC]

Powerslave 2 (AKA Exhumed 2) is a cancelled game that was in  development for playstation and PC, set in ancient Egypt, thousands of years before the original title. At the start of  Powerslave 2, Ra ( the sun god)  disappears causing a permanent solar eclipse on the land. It turns out that he has been abducted by one of his arch-rivals, and its your duty to rescue him and return light to the world. As a young egyptian warrior you must seek out various egyptian gods and attempt to gain their super natural powers, in order to ultimately challenge and defeat Ra’s rival.

Contrary to the first Powerslave (a FPS) the sequel was meant to be a third person action game, even less linear than the first episode. Developed by original creator Lobotomy Software, the game was probably cancelled when the studios was acquired by Crave Entertainment in early 1998.

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Un bugiardaccio senza più estro né talento.

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6 thoughts on “Powerslave 2 (Exhumed 2) [Cancelled – Playstation, PC]

  1. Pictures?

    The 2nd picture is straight out of Quake 1 – it’s the boss room (E1M7 “House of Chthon”) from Episode 1… O.o

  2. Celine

    Even the character ?

    It’s not surprising they put some Quake reference in it because Lobotomy at the time was known for an incredible conversion of the id masterpiece for the weak Saturn hardware.

  3. thor

    I love first Powerslave (Exhumed)! it is great and original FPS. It´s a shame that sequel wasn´t released. But FPS could be better than 3rd perspective. I hope in revival of this franchise on current platforms (but on Psone it will be better:-)

  4. d0x

    The first PowerSlave was very impressive for its time and its probably the only multiplatform title that looked and ran better on Saturn.

    The dev team made excellent use of the CPU’s in the Saturn and managed to beat their results on the Playstation. Its a shame more developers (aside from Sega) didnt take the time to properly learn multicore architecture back then. If they had things might have turned out differently for Sega.

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