Seal Squad 2040 [PSX – Cancelled]

Seal Squad 2040 is a cancelled racing / combat game that was in development in 1998 by Head Games for the Playstation. In an old preview in GamePro magazine issue 101, the project was described as “Wave Race with guns”, but sadly there are only few artworks and no screeenshots, so it’s possible that it was canned in early development. Check the gallery below for more info!

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Wipeout Pulse [PSP – Beta]

Wipeout Pulse is a racing game developed by Sony Studio Liverpool for the PSP, sequel to Wipeout Pure.

Before the game was released in late 2007, a promotional UMD was released in both Europe and North America. This contained some material not seen in the final game, the most interesting of which was the AI Race mode.

This was available in the Racebox section of the game, allowing the player to select the track and difficulty of the race between a group of AI controlled vehicles. The D-pad allowed the player to switch the camera between different vehicles, as well as selecting the camaera angle.

As in the final game, the Photo Mode was available, allowing screenshots to be saved to the memory stick.

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Tamiya Racing [Cancelled – N64]

Tamiya Racing is a cancelled racing game that was in development for the Nintendo 64. As far as I can tell, there is absolutely ZERO information on the game out there anywhere. According to an auction for the prototype, the game is from Intermetrics, associated with Looking Glass Studios. The label has No Gamma written on on. The seller also thinks it is very similar to the unreleased Mini Racers.

This is from the same seller who sold the also unreleased N64 Wildwaters Extreme Kayak recently for $1,600.00. From what I understand they also have a third such proto, so we may see that at some point too. The auction finished at $1,358.33 and we hope that the winner could be able to share more videos or screens from this lost game!

Original Auction page on Ebay

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Xtreme-G 3 (Extreme-G) [GBA – Cancelled / Proto / Tech Demo]

The original Extreme-G is a futuristic motorcycle racing game developed by Probe Entertainment and published by Acclaim Entertainment for the Nintendo 64. In 2001 Acclaim released Extreme-G 3 for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2, while Similis were working on a Gameboy Advance version too. Sadly the GBA version of Extreme-G 3 / Xtreme-G 3 was cancelled very early in development.

Below you can see a very early prototype / tech demo of “Xtreme-G 3/XG3” for the Game Boy Advance. It was only about four weeks in development and more meant as a proof of concept. It ran at constant 60 FPS on the GBA using a special graphics mode (not real 3D as this would have been to slow).

Thanks a lot to Collect-Thor for the contribution!




GB Rally 2 Advance [GBA – Cancelled]

GB Rally 2 Advance is a cancelled racing game that was in development by Raylight Studios for the GameBoy Advance. Only an early demo without sound was created, thanks to their Blue Roses Engine for GBA. It’s curious that despite the 2 in the title, there wasn’t actually a GB Rally 1 available commercially because it went unreleased on the GameBoy Color. Same fate shared by the sequel.