Seal Squad 2040 [PSX – Cancelled]

Seal Squad 2040 [PSX – Cancelled]

Seal Squad 2040 is a cancelled racing / combat game that was in development in 1998 by Head Games for the Playstation. In an old preview in GamePro magazine issue 101, the project was described as “Wave Race with guns”, but sadly there are only few artworks and no screeenshots, so it’s possible that it was canned in early development. Check the gallery below for more info!

Thanks to Celine for the scans!


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2 thoughts on “Seal Squad 2040 [PSX – Cancelled]

  1. K. G. Sullivan

    Seal Squad 2040 was a back-up title in the works for Head Games Studios for parent company Apt Productions. Their nearly completed PS title, Torq, was showcased the first two days of that year’s E3 in Atlanta, but management shifted focus and started showing the trailer for Seal Squad 2040 instead. Torq was never published for PlayStation either, it’s final denial from SCEA being half of the death knell for Apt Productions. The other half was their PC title, Learning to Read on the Promenade, losing its license from the grantor, thus also being unpublished.

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