Xtreme-G 3 (Extreme-G) [GBA – Cancelled / Proto / Tech Demo]

Xtreme-G 3 (Extreme-G) [GBA – Cancelled / Proto / Tech Demo]

The original Extreme-G is a futuristic motorcycle racing game developed by Probe Entertainment and published by Acclaim Entertainment for the Nintendo 64. In 2001 Acclaim released Extreme-G 3 for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2, while Similis were working on a Gameboy Advance version too. Sadly the GBA version of Extreme-G 3 / Xtreme-G 3 was cancelled very early in development.

Below you can see a very early prototype / tech demo of “Xtreme-G 3/XG3” for the Game Boy Advance. It was only about four weeks in development and more meant as a proof of concept. It ran at constant 60 FPS on the GBA using a special graphics mode (not real 3D as this would have been to slow).

Thanks a lot to Collect-Thor for the contribution!



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7 thoughts on “Xtreme-G 3 (Extreme-G) [GBA – Cancelled / Proto / Tech Demo]

  1. John Doom

    Cars (?) are rendered with sprites while truck and landscape use the parallax trick, right?
    3D and performance: that’s just perfect for a circuit game like this one! Too bad it never saw a release…

  2. Celine

    Oh Similis Software?
    They are the guys behind the unreleased Katakis 3D.
    Also they were working on a Turrican clone for GBA.

  3. Stranno

    It looks really awful. A simple raster engine mixed with some kind of mode 7 should do this like 100 times better and most people dont even noticed is 2D

  4. William Powell

    I don’t think the graphics were awful. The screenshots are good, the video that did not have sound and was at a lower resolution, now you could call that awful.

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