Mega Man 4 [NES – Beta]

Mega Man 4 was released in December 1991 in Japan and in January 1992 in America. Some days ago, Protodude has found an old scan with Electronic Gaming Monthly’s coverage of CES 1991, in which we can see a beta version of Mega Man 4 with a removed Boss (Sphinx midboss?), some different details in the levels and an early Stage Select! You can read more in the original post.

Thanks a lot to Protodude for the contribution!


Megaman Starforce [Beta / Unused – DS]

Granville has wrote an interesting topic in the U64 Forum, in which he showed us some misterious textures that seems to have been found by The Spriters Resource in the Megaman Starforce code. In these textures we can recognize various 3D models from the Megaman Battle Network series!

The problem is that there was no 3D MMBN for the DS and MMBN5 DS was just a compilation port of both GBA versions of Battle Network 5. It was pretty much identical to the GBA as it had the same 2D graphics apart from a couple of models. There were a total of 3 3D models in MMBN5 DS- Megaman, Protoman, and Colonel. The Megaman model that was found in MM Starforce could be from BN5, but that’s about it. Hidden in the MMSF code there’s Lan, some kid, a town, Lan’s room, and some net areas all in 3D and can’t be found anywhere in BN5DS.

As Granville has wrote, it could be possible that Capcom used “MMBN5’s engine as a base for Starforce at first. Likely they intended Starforce to be a true Battle Network 7 originally, but then they modded the game so much that it became its own series.” If this is trye, then these Battle Network 3D models could be the only remains from the original Starforce prototype.

You can read more info about these unused models at Mega Rock Blog!

Here are some beta images from MHFsilver, used in promotional videos and articles:

These images show a wide difference between the beta and final version. Some images include their beta version compared to their final version. For more information, you can check the Rockman EXE Zone Forum!

Thanks a lot to Granville, MegaRockReborn, tgarciao and MHFsilver for the contributions and huge props to MegaRockEXE for the find!




Mega Man X-3 [SNES – Unused Stuff]

Mega Man X3 was released in 1995 by Capcom. It was the third game in the Mega Man X sub-franchise and the last to appear on the Super Nintendo. GoldS has found some unused objects and behaviors that were still hidden in the game code, and you can see them in the following videos. Props to him!

Ian has made us to notice that:

Video 1:

  • The Ganseki may have orinnaly droped spiked balls on Zero in the intro stage, In the final the spiked balls just drop from the ceiling.
  • The Wild Tanks may have orginaly been completly submereged underground as to surprise the player but, in the final the “arm” is left out as to give the player an advantage.
  • Looking at the bottom entering door in Hornet’s stage may have been a test for doors that enter from another side that the right, Like in Mega Man 1 witch had doors that oped from the top and bottom of the screen.
  • The Ride Armor Boss may have been a test for a possible fight with Vile’s Ride Armor on Auto-Piolt or somthing, It may have been a fortress level boss as when defeated X does his victroy pose and warps out(Like finishing a end level boss), In the final Vile is in his Ride Armor before it’s destroed.

Video 2:

  • The Harmfull Carry Arm may have been a trap confusing players into
    taking damages, or the orignals may have had a timer so that if the player took too long they would begin to take damage.
  • For the Upside down enimies they may have been a time when these enemy types would cling to a ceiling to attack and or surprise them.

Thanks to Bowsersenemy and xMrNx we can see some unused Zero sprites and a strange W Meter bar that are still hidden in the game code. It seems that the unused W meter could be found in the memory of MMX 1 and 2 as well.




Mega Man X [SNES – Beta / Unused]

Zero7 has linked us to an interesting topic on the Sonic Retro Forum, where GoldS has posted some unused stuff that he has found in the memory of Mega Man X, like a removed jump ability for one of the enemies, a removed boss phase, unused room entrance and an unused “jellyfish-robot”. For more infos check the original topic at SRF, props to GoldS for these finds! Also, in the Game Pro review of the game there were some screens from a removed level, that was cut after the preview-copy was sent to them. Thanks to Celine we have a scan that shows the removed white city!