Mega Man 4 [NES – Beta]

Mega Man 4 [NES – Beta]

Mega Man 4 was released in December 1991 in Japan and in January 1992 in America. Some days ago, Protodude has found an old scan with Electronic Gaming Monthly’s coverage of CES 1991, in which we can see a beta version of Mega Man 4 with a removed Boss (Sphinx midboss?), some different details in the levels and an early Stage Select! You can read more in the original post.

Thanks a lot to Protodude for the contribution!


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7 thoughts on “Mega Man 4 [NES – Beta]

  1. MegaSonicBros.


    Not in the Internet, as far as I know. Maybe one of the programmers has a personal copy or something, like Sonic 2’s sample cartridge.

  2. johnson

    COlice, i want to play that version st-ciboire.
    I’m sure they can find it somewhere, esti.
    Entoué-éka, it could be interesting to see it tabarnac.

  3. stk1991

    speaking of mega man, if the founder of unseen64 sees this, i just want to let you know that i found beta stuff and photos of mega man 3 I just want to know if he has time to post them reply to me asap

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