MegaMan Battle Network debug stuff!

The Mega Man Battle Network series is one of Capcom’s Mega Man spin-off series that debuted in 2001 on the Game Boy Advance. MegaRockReborn was able to find some debug controls in  Megaman Battle Network #3, #4, #5 and #6 that are basically text messages that activate cheat-like effects (as changing the sprite of the main character or gain various items). You can see these debug messages in the videos below or in MegaRockReborn‘s Youtube Channel!


Mega Man Legends 2 [PSX – Beta]

Mega Man Legends 2 (called Rock Man Dash 2 in Japan) was released in japan in April of 2000, and has helped establish the series. Here are the beta findings that have been made, consisting of pre Japanese release pictures, and even some footage of a town that was removed from the final version of the game.


The most notable feature of the above video, is at 1:08, where the footage of the removed town can be seen.

And in the gallery below, you can see concept arts for unused characters / enemies (taken from the Rockman Dash 2 art book), a character that’s not where they’re supposed to be, more of the unused town, a beta timer and more. Also of note, is the Blue/Purple haired character. In one image, they’re in an area that they’re not supposed to be, and in another, they can be seen in the removed town!

A Rockman DASH 2: Episode 1 beta demo that was included in “Tron ni Kobun”, the Japanese version of Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

A video from Mega Man Legends 2’s debug room can be found in Undergroundruin’s Youtube Channel!

Thanks to OKei for the contribution!


Debug Room:

MegaMan X7 [PS2 – Beta]

Megaman X7 (Rockman X7 in Japan) came to the American PS2 in october of 2003, and brought with it some of the biggest changes the X series of Megaman games has seen. For the first time, players could control X and Zero in 3D worlds, as well as switching back to 2D at times. It also brought with it, a new face to the series, Axl, with the ability to completely transform into certain enemies.

Players could now switch between 2 characters of their choice in any given level, with the Intro stage, being the only exception, considering that for the first time ever, X, was an unlockable character, instead of being available right from the start. However, it seems this wasn’t always the case. Take a look at these beta videos and screenshots taken from before the game was released. 

Mega Man X4 [PSX/Saturn – Beta / Unused Sprites]

Mega Man X4 (aka Rockman X4 in Japan) is the fourth game in the Mega Man X series, released for the Sega Saturn and PlayStation in July 1997. Kei was able to find an old preview/trailer of the game from an equally old April 1997 Multiple Option CFC (Capcom Friendly Club) Style videotape from Japan. As Kei has wrote in the U64 Forum:

While this preview may not include much immediate beta/pre-release differences, there is one particularly noticeable element that can be heard in this video. For one, X sounds completely different as you see him jump and shooting out charged buster shots in the video; we’re talking about a pre-release video of the Japanese version here. Apparently, he had a different voice actor, as he sounds like a girl, much like he does in the English final version of RMX4. Zero also sounds slightly different as well, his Saber slashes are odd too.

Also, Bowserenemy and Protodude noticed some more differences in the same beta trailer:

Enemies are in different spots; Zero’s missing a few frames in his mid-air slar, and the hit detection is a bit off here and there. […] it’s the same as the third slash in his 3 hit combo, so just compare the two.

Hidden in the game’s code, Ace Spark from The Mechanical Maniacs has found some unused animation frames for Double, that could be from removed dialogue sequences [UPDATE: The running animation for Double is actually used in the game, but you only see it for a split second after you select a stage in the game. Thanks to OKei!]. An unused mugshot is in there too.


Some beta screenshots are available too, in which we can notice that the intro stage had a drill enemy in the beta, that was removed from the final game. When the place starts blowing up there are even more drill enemies. You can read more info on the beta at The Mechanical Maniacs!




An even later beta build than the one above with many more differences can be seen below: