MegaMan X7 [PS2 – Beta]

MegaMan X7 [PS2 – Beta]

Megaman X7 (Rockman X7 in Japan) came to the American PS2 in october of 2003, and brought with it some of the biggest changes the X series of Megaman games has seen. For the first time, players could control X and Zero in 3D worlds, as well as switching back to 2D at times. It also brought with it, a new face to the series, Axl, with the ability to completely transform into certain enemies.

Players could now switch between 2 characters of their choice in any given level, with the Intro stage, being the only exception, considering that for the first time ever, X, was an unlockable character, instead of being available right from the start. However, it seems this wasn’t always the case. Take a look at these beta videos and screenshots taken from before the game was released.

Here is what some call the earliest shown build of the game. Notice that X is in the intro level, and that there are no life bars at all. And notice that the intro stage is in either the middle of the day, or the start of evening. In the final, it’s at night.


Here, we have plenty more footage of X in the intro stage, but this time, we have a HUD, and a beta one at that. Beta life meters, and a beta 2D/3D status icon.

Here’s some more footage of X gameplay, some from the intro stage, and with what appears to be the beta life meter.

Next up, this video seems to have lost the HUD again. And starting at 0:25 seconds, you can see a tube area with Zero fighting some walkers. This area is not in the final game, but it is assumed to be part of the cyberspace type level. At 1:09, we can see a beta section from the Crimson Pallace stage. The final version has some changes, one of which, being the blue wolf type enemy is not there.

For comparisons sake, the Crimson pallace section in the above video can be seen at 1:09, and in this video, the final version can be seen at 3:54.

Here are a couple magazine scans from GameNow describing some features and elements that are not in the final game

And an interesting thing to note in the below screenshots, is that in some sections, where Axl is shown, the life meter shows Zero’s symbol instead.


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