Mega Man X3 [unused W meter?]

Mega Man X3 [unused W meter?]

Bowsersenemy and xMrNx have found some unused Zero sprites and a strange W Meter bar in Mega Man X 3!

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3 thoughts on “Mega Man X3 [unused W meter?]

  1. Murdoch

    This W meter can be anything, maybe there was a boss named Wellington, Wilson or Walter.
    Maybe it was one of the 8 robot masters.
    Tornado Walter… or maybe Cluster Wellington.

  2. Xelba

    Why it also appeared in the memory of the other two games is anyone’s guess. It could either be a test meter they used for MMX1 but forgot to take it out of X2 and 3’s memory during development. Or maybe it was originally meant for X’s Buster. Once a shot has been fired, the buster would have had a mere second to cool down before refilling the bar again. But I could be wrong. Still, its rather interesting to see something like this found in the games. :)

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