Merry Xmas: Super Mario World Beta Remake released!

Did you enjoy all those differences that can be noticed in the Super Mario World beta screenshots? What if Nintendo had stuck with some of their original material while creating the Super Mario World we know and love today? Well, this SMW hack will let you play the game how it may have been in its beta version!

Yoshi Master (AKA Randy from the U64 Staff) has finally released his beta remake of Super Mario World. This hack is based and inspired by all of the pre-release screenshots, unused materials, ancient interviews, and some minor assumptions revolving around SMW, and it’s creation.




You can check more screens from the real beta in the Super Mario World Beta page.

Most of the GFX were made by Randy, as well as the levels themselves. The bosses also each have something “beta” about them. Search the Super Mario World Beta Remake Hack  (Lunar IPS File) on Google

How to patch the game to activate the Super Mario World Beta Remake? It’s easy:

1) Get SNESTooL
2) Select ‘Use IPS’ (Press Enter)
3) Select the Super Mario World Beta IPS file
4) Select the Super Mario World (USA) ROM (you’ll have to find this one by yourself)
5) Play it in your favourite SNES emu

Have fun! This is the best christmas gift for every Super Mario World Beta lover and it’s free. Play it, share it with friends.




[Projects] Updates on the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration

What Happened to Team Beta Triforce? It has been many long months, and this article is here to explain why TBT suddenly dissapeared off the face of the internet. The leader of Team Beta Triforce, ZeldaMaster90 aka ZM90 was overthrown, the project was made open source and leaderless, and TBT was renamed Z64 Bros.

The revival of TBT started with Z64 Bros members ZeldaMaster90, Flotonic, and ChampionMan. The trio decided that open source was not right for the project and decided to start a secret revival of TBT. ChampionMan removed all videos from the TBT Youtube account which created the illusion of a more dead TBT.

One day Jani, Medli, and ZM90 noticed the Zelda hacking community was in bad shape and decided the revival of TBT was now more important than ever and thus TBT was reborn with most of it’s members.

Currently ZM90 has not touched the beta restoration stuff in months and TBT just recently reformed, they are not done with the demo, and they are just getting things back to normal. Their plan is to release a playable demo of the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration in the following months. You can check the Z64 Beta Restoration page for more info and media. 

[Projects] The KotOR II Beta Restoration


Fans of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II probably know how much fun the game was, but also how much stuff that was shown in the beta screens was later removed from the final game (yeah, we still need to write an article about that on U64…).

KotOR II’s producer Chris Avellone in an interview after the game’s publication stated that he wished “there had been more time” to work on the game, and that a large amount of content — a droid factory, an entire planet, and other locations — was cut.

Because so much content was cut, however, a couple of teams of modders  have been working on an unofficial patch to restore the missing content, thanks to unused stuff still hidden in the game’s code and lot of patience. A couple of days ago, one of the team released their first Beta Restoration patch and now KotOR II’s fans all around the world are able to play the game with some of the removed parts! You can find a complete  (huge!) list of what’s restored in here.

You can download the KotOR II’s Beta Restoration from the Deadly Stream Forum. Huge props to Zbyl2 and DarthStoney for their work! 

Fado, the lost Kokiri, is back in the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration!

Do you remember “Fado”, the beta Kokiri girl that was seen in a couple of early screenshots from Ocarina of Time? That girl was changed in the final game with a different 3D model, but now thanks to ZethN64, formally known as ZethAlkar, we can see her again in the beta kokiri restoration hack! This is a standalone hack not associated with any projects.

Here’s “Fado” in a beta screen:

And here’s Fado in the Beta Restoration!


Some other beta kokiri are restored too, you can check them all in the video below:


[Projects] The Zelda 64 Castle Town in the Beta Restoration!

Here’s another nice update from our friends at Team Beta Triforce, about the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration Project. Do you remember the original version of the Castle Town, as we have seen it in these famous beta screens?

Well, you will be able to play in there in the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration public demo that is scheduled for release this year! In the meantime, check the video below to have a look at the beta Castle Town, resurrected in its full glory! Keep in mind that this is still an early preview demo of the mod:

For more updates and feedbacks on the Zelda: Ocarina of Time Beta Restoration Project, check the main article in here.

Update:  ZM90 from the Team Beta Triforce has let us know that The demo castle town will be playable in the public demo that is scheduled for release this year! Also the release date of the “final version” of the OoTBRP has been pushed back to at least 2012: the reason it has to be pushed back is because they need to make the other areas much bigger like they did with the town. Hyrule Field in the OoTBRP will be roughly the size of the one in TP. Also, there are new inside areas to make and a ton of new NPCs to create. Keep up the good work guys!