Merry Xmas: Super Mario World Beta Remake released!

Merry Xmas: Super Mario World Beta Remake released!

Did you enjoy all those differences that can be noticed in the Super Mario World beta screenshots? What if Nintendo had stuck with some of their original material while creating the Super Mario World we know and love today? Well, this SMW hack will let you play the game how it may have been in its beta version!

Yoshi Master (AKA Randy from the U64 Staff) has finally released his beta remake of Super Mario World. This hack is based and inspired by all of the pre-release screenshots, unused materials, ancient interviews, and some minor assumptions revolving around SMW, and it’s creation.




You can check more screens from the real beta in the Super Mario World Beta page.

Most of the GFX were made by Randy, as well as the levels themselves. The bosses also each have something “beta” about them. Search the Super Mario World Beta Remake Hack  (Lunar IPS File) on Google

How to patch the game to activate the Super Mario World Beta Remake? It’s easy:

1) Get SNESTooL
2) Select ‘Use IPS’ (Press Enter)
3) Select the Super Mario World Beta IPS file
4) Select the Super Mario World (USA) ROM (you’ll have to find this one by yourself)
5) Play it in your favourite SNES emu

Have fun! This is the best christmas gift for every Super Mario World Beta lover and it’s free. Play it, share it with friends.



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9 thoughts on “Merry Xmas: Super Mario World Beta Remake released!

  1. Chuckie Failure

    Don’t know much about the beta, but it is great to see how everything was before the final game.

    How many worlds were in the beta?
    Were are the secerts?

  2. ZM90

    Surely there would have been some sort of final boss had Nintendo completed SMW this way. Though I do like how in this remake you choose which areas to go to first and with no final boss it simulates the incompleteness of beta really well. Overall congratulations on the SMW beta remake. It’s definitely really good :).

  3. Gawl

    It’s very intriguing to look at. I like the fact that Lugi actually has his own indiviual character sprite instead of just being Mario’s with a different color pallete.

  4. I'mStupid?

    I’ve been trying to work this for minutes, but the tool keeps saying:
    There is no correct IPS file

    What does that mean? I’ve tried adding the header, but nothing is preventing the message from popping up.

    BTW, I’m using Windows 7 32-bit.

    1. monokoma

      It seems that the patch program has some problems on some OS, you could try to ask to someone else to patch the game for you.. sadly we cannot release the patched rom in here

  5. MoneyBoy

    Hi folks can someone reupload the ips file? i cant download it from mediafire. nothing happens. it would be really awesome couldnt find the file elserwhere.

    big thanks to unsen64 und all creators & contrubitors

  6. MoneyBoy

    thx monokoma. many many thanks for the fast answer + reupload. it works and is the best romhack i every played. the quality is so high that you could even sell it as a retail cartridge.

    many thanks to all unseen64 supporters!

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