[Projects] The KotOR II Beta Restoration

[Projects] The KotOR II Beta Restoration


Fans of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II probably know how much fun the game was, but also how much stuff that was shown in the beta screens was later removed from the final game (yeah, we still need to write an article about that on U64…).

KotOR II’s producer Chris Avellone in an interview after the game’s publication stated that he wished “there had been more time” to work on the game, and that a large amount of content — a droid factory, an entire planet, and other locations — was cut.

Because so much content was cut, however, a couple of teams of modders  have been working on an unofficial patch to restore the missing content, thanks to unused stuff still hidden in the game’s code and lot of patience. A couple of days ago, one of the team released their first Beta Restoration patch and now KotOR II’s fans all around the world are able to play the game with some of the removed parts! You can find a complete  (huge!) list of what’s restored in here.

You can download the KotOR II’s Beta Restoration from the Deadly Stream Forum. Huge props to Zbyl2 and DarthStoney for their work!

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One thought on “[Projects] The KotOR II Beta Restoration

  1. ZM90

    I’m a fan of the KotOR games myself and TSLCRM isn’t so much a beta restoration as it is a completion of KotOR II. You see when LucasArts rushed the developers of Obsidian for a Christmas deadline a lot of content was cut including the developer’s intended endings, the HK Factory, and a lot of other fun things. This left the game incomplete and broken so kudos to Darth Stoney and his team for this restoration. I have done multiple playthroughs and really love a lot more complete K2.

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