[Projects] Updates on the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration

[Projects] Updates on the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration

What Happened to Team Beta Triforce? It has been many long months, and this article is here to explain why TBT suddenly dissapeared off the face of the internet. The leader of Team Beta Triforce, ZeldaMaster90 aka ZM90 was overthrown, the project was made open source and leaderless, and TBT was renamed Z64 Bros.

The revival of TBT started with Z64 Bros members ZeldaMaster90, Flotonic, and ChampionMan. The trio decided that open source was not right for the project and decided to start a secret revival of TBT. ChampionMan removed all videos from the TBT Youtube account which created the illusion of a more dead TBT.

One day Jani, Medli, and ZM90 noticed the Zelda hacking community was in bad shape and decided the revival of TBT was now more important than ever and thus TBT was reborn with most of it’s members.

Currently ZM90 has not touched the beta restoration stuff in months and TBT just recently reformed, they are not done with the demo, and they are just getting things back to normal. Their plan is to release a playable demo of the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration in the following months. You can check the Z64 Beta Restoration page for more info and media.

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