SSX on Tour [Beta – Xbox, PS2, GameCube]

SSX on Tour is a snowboarding video game and the fourth title in the SSX series. The game was developed under the working title SSX 4 and it was released in 2005 for XBOX, PS2 and GameCube. In these screens we can see an early tech demo / concept, in which the areas had some differences from the same ones in the final game and there was still no advertising on the tracks.

Evan Hanley found even more differences in the firs trailer:

  • The events on the map screen were very different.
  • The events had different symbols.
  • The loading screen had a very different design.
  • The time design was different.
  • The position design was different.
  • The percentage number design was different and the word complete was beside it.
  • There is a speedometer present.
  • The boost design was completely different.
  • The combo text was different and in a different position.
  • The trick text and score was different and in a different position.
  • When you reach full speed, the boost bar turns green. It turns yellow then pink in the final game.
  • The yeti logo is in the middle of the boost bar as opposed to the front of the boost bar in the final game.
  • The score doesn’t appear when doing a monster trick. The screen also doesn’t change when doing a monster trick.

Thanks to Evan for the contribution!


Dead Rush [XBOX/PS2/GC – Cancelled]


Dead Rush was a cancelled video game that was designed by Treyarch and would have been published by Activision. The game would have taken place in the town of Eastport where a massive earthquake has destroyed most of humanity. As Jake, a character suffering from memory loss, the players job was to try and find out exactly what happened in Eastport, which is now overflowing with zombies.

The game’s main claim to fame was the fact that as Jake players could operate one of several vehicles scattered around town. Not only would this provide the player with a means of transportation but it would also serve as armor of sorts. The zombies in Eastport would try to wreck whatever car Jake was driving. Luckily the player could create new vehicles out of parts of previously demolished cars.

The game would have featured few load times, as after an initial boot up the game would never pause to load data from the disc again. The game was announced at E3 2004 and set to be released in 2005. It was cancelled shortly thereafter. [Info from Wikipedia]

Gaming Conviction did an interview with Gideon Emery who was the voice of Dead Rush’s main character Jack:

GC: I read that you did the voice of a character named Jake in a cancelled game in 2005 called Dead Rush. Do you remember any details about the character?
GE: It was the lead character in a game and I was thrilled to book it. Don;t recall much. I had one recording session, then heard nothing. Later I learned the game was shelved as it wasn’t developing to the level or speed that they wanted. What I do remember was being very disappointed, as it would have been my first true lead.




Battle Bots [PS2/GC – Cancelled]


BattleBots is an American company that hosts robot competitions. BattleBots is also the name of the television show created from the competition footage, and a nickname for the combat robots which compete. In a BattleBots event, as in other combat robot competitions, competitors bring remote-controlled, armored and weaponed machines which they have designed and built, and put them in an arena to fight in an elimination tournament. The purpose of the fight is for one robot, or “bot”, to dominate or disable the other. [Infos from Wikipedia]

In 2002 THQ was working on a game based on the BattleBots TV series, that was in development for the GameCube and Playstation 2. It was going to be a brawl fighting game, with mini robots to customize. After a couple of years, the game was cancelled. A GBA version of Battlebots was released in 2003 by Majesco.


Sonic Adventure 2 [Beta – Dreamcast]


Sonic Adventure 2 was unveiled in June of 2000, at E3. During this time, Sonic Adventure 2 was headed in a completely different direction. There would be three playable characters; Sonic, Knuckles, and Eggman. At the time, Shadow was just a cutscene character. How the game went at first was that what you do in the game differs what happens later. This was eventually incarnated into “Shadow the Hedgehog” for the Gamecube. When the trailer for the game was revealed, fans were outraged, for the fact that there were missing characters (e.g. Tails)

Before he had his SOAP shoes in Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic had his sneakers from the 2D games. The SOAP shoes enabled Sonic to grind on rails. Also Shadow’s original name was “Terios”, which means, “reflection of”, and Rouge’s original name was “Nails”. Shadow was also referred to as “Dark Sonic” in a preview showing off some concept art of Sonic Adventure 2.

Some unused videos were found hidden in the game’s code by Mariosegafreak

Thanks to FullMetalMC, CrashAndSonicChao, and Shade3c for the contributions!