SSX on Tour [Beta – Xbox, PS2, GameCube]

SSX on Tour is a snowboarding video game and the fourth title in the SSX series. The game was developed under the working title SSX 4 and it was released in 2005 for XBOX, PS2 and GameCube. In these screens we can see an early tech demo / concept, in which the areas had some differences from the same ones in the final game and there was still no advertising on the tracks.

Evan Hanley found even more differences in the firs trailer:

  • The events on the map screen were very different.
  • The events had different symbols.
  • The loading screen had a very different design.
  • The time design was different.
  • The position design was different.
  • The percentage number design was different and the word complete was beside it.
  • There is a speedometer present.
  • The boost design was completely different.
  • The combo text was different and in a different position.
  • The trick text and score was different and in a different position.
  • When you reach full speed, the boost bar turns green. It turns yellow then pink in the final game.
  • The yeti logo is in the middle of the boost bar as opposed to the front of the boost bar in the final game.
  • The score doesn’t appear when doing a monster trick. The screen also doesn’t change when doing a monster trick.

Thanks to Evan for the contribution!