[Projects] Super Mario 64 Beta Remake Updates

Update: The Mario 64 beta remake mod was revamped sometime around April of 2011. No further information will be posted UNTIL the mod is near complete. The “Beta Replica” is completely gone, so searching for that title won’t do you any good. If you’re interested in a beta remake of Super Mario 64, you can check back on this page any time. Dudaw’s Youtube channel is updated regularly as well

Again, nothing can be said about the mod at the moment. Look forward to the complete version!

EDIT (Dudaw, creator): Screenshots Added

Old Info:

Okay, I know it seemed like I was stalling this hack on purpose, but I just didn’t have too much time. But now, finally I have released my final of the first beta hack! You can get it in the description of the Youtube video below! The reason why this was so hectic is that school kept getting in the way, and when I thought I would upload the hack, I never got the chance. Please also follow instructions in the description of that video!! It’s your own fault if you can’t get it to work. But if for some reason, you have some strange glitches or unrepairable errors, please send me an email at: [email protected]


Now, there is something else going on too, Bosco came out and he’s making his own beta hack again. So, if you see that please feel free to stop by and give his hack some company. He is having a bit of trouble launching it. As for mine, it seems 99% complete. Although, it does need some revisions (small). I am also going to start some other beta hacks. Because there were about three betas of Mario 64 and then the pre-launch versions. The beta3 should be fairly easy. As for beta2, it will take longer and be even harder than the first beta hack that I released. The one that I released was beta v.1.0 if you forgot. So v.2.0 is the one where Mario’s health meter was shaped like a U/shield and the castle was a bit larger.

Preview of Beta V.1.0 and Download!:

Enjoy! ^_^


Mario Land [Virtual Boy – Cancelled]

VB Mario Land is a cancelled game /  prototype of the Mario Virtual Boy game that actually became Mario Clash. Nintendo was originally developing this as a full mario platform game, as show at E3 1995. The original project was cut and Mario Clash became just a remake of the classic Super Mario Bros, with featured small 3-d elements to show what the Virtual Boy was graphically capable of. For example, some parts exchanged the original idea of warp pipes with 3-d doorways that players enter by pressing up on the D-pad.

You can find more infos at Planet Virtual Boy


Mario Kart Wii [Wii – Beta / Unused Stuff]


Hideki Konno, producer of Mario Kart Wii, had wanted to include extra online features like the ranking system and Ghost Data inside of Mario Kart DS, but he wasn’t been able to in time for a 2005 release. Now, on Mario Kart Wii, these features could finally be implemented. Konno had also been proposing ideas involving BMX ever since Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, but the ideas had been rejected. For Mario Kart Wii they were able to put the motorbike in, “making the world of Mario a little more for boys” as Miyamoto put it.

The game was even called Mario Kart X internally for a while, before deciding on Mario Kart Wii. During the development of the Wii Wheel, the designers tested roughly 30 different prototypes with different shapes, colors and weights, before deciding on the final Wheel design. During these evaluations the developers also realized it would be good if the voice actors actually played the game during recording session, so the lines were recorded while the actors were playing the game. [Info from Wikipedia]

In the beta version of the game, Boo was a playable character, but in the final version they choose to use King Boo instead. Also, Paratroopa, Hammer Bro and Petey have icons hidden in the data as well.

On the E3 Presentation, there are some differences of the Final and Beta game:

-Much more zoomed on the bikes gameplay;
-Different tricks, just spins;
-Some different cup icons (flower cup an example)
-Item box stays always
-Mario Kart Wii beta logo

Too, there are 2 test tracks on the game, called old_mario_gc_b/draw_demo:

Also, Gabrielwoj found lots of unused sprites on Mario Kart Wii, let see them:

These ones are some unused characters on the data files, Hammer Bro/Petey Piranha, Paratroopa and Mii Outfit C.

Some testing charcter map icons

An very old project for the country flags, weird, it’s started with USA instead of Japan.

I have no idea what this could be…

These looks an very old prototype icons, for ranking etc…

Unused items… NOTE: Wiggler and Fireball (as much commented) are USED, on some special online events

Misc… Okay, first of all, Mario on a kart could be an beta banner icon from Wii Menu, but on another folder… This mii is named: “Matuoka”, may some testing with licenses. And this wiimote is used, but only with nunchuck… Maybe, when you pressed the Wiimote without the wii wheel, it should appear this, but was pretty difficult and Nintendo maybe rejected that Idea.

This is a very weird “earth” of the Online screen, I can say it’s unused, because it says DUMMY, and there is no model!
Much of those pixels, are written: usa/japan and other countries…

At the end of all, on the data files, there is a folder called “Debug” but there is nothing inside, maybe they used while making the game, and they forgot to delete the folder…

Also, I did found some interesting image, but it don’t looks unused…
You know at the credits, the Luigi Circuit is with another hour etc…
At the file with the Selection screen images (tracks), there are a Luigi Circuit as the same on the credits… Maybe for a tournament

After a little success of Mario Kart CW Project, you can check the new Mario Kart CWii Project Wiki!

Thanks to The King, Nastykill,, Shuckle and Gabrielwoj for the contributions!


Super Mario 64 x 4 [DS – Beta / Unused Stuff]


The working title for this game was Super Mario 64×4. Also, several beta screenshots were released for the game. Originally, all four characters could fight Bowser at the same time, and fly. This feature was removed, as the four characters can only fight Bowser by their own (with Yoshi utilizing hats to be able to swing Bowser).

Also at E3 2004, there was a demo called Mario’s Face, where the user could use the stylus to mess around with Mario or Wario’s face, and have them be 3D or outlined like a cartoon. This could have possibly been the beta Mario Mini for Super Mario 64 DS. The caps the player uses were originally enclosed in boxes labeled M, L, and W. The boxes can still be found in the test level.

Also, early screenshots depicted Wario with his original long shirt sleves before adopting the shorter ones for the final product. The game was also originally was supposed to have a co-op mode but was canned probably due to memory constraints. [Info from Mariowiki]

An unused Red Koopa model was found in the game’s code with some cheats.

Thanks to Hiccup for the contribution!




New Super Mario Bros [DS – Beta / Unused Stuff]


The working beta title for this game was Super Mario Bros. DS. Also, during early stages of production, Mega Goombas were going to be a generic species (the result of a Goomba colliding with a Super Mushroom and powering up) rather than an individual boss. (It is possible that other enemies were to be compatible with this situation, too, considering the giant enemies like Super Dry Bones and Super Piranha Plant that remain in the game in generic, already-large forms.)

There was also supposed to be a Mario and Luigi co-op mode at a time. Interestingly, an illustration of beta map icons still exists as a screenshot on page twelve of the final game’s manual. There were originally three item reserve spots rather than one. There also was an underwater stage which also featured Manta Ray in VS. Mode. Spindrift was also supposed to be in the game, but got replaced by the blue spinning platforms in World 1-3 and other levels.

In another image, it’s possible to obtain the Blue Shell by first defeating a Blue Koopa Troopa. Then when the player Ground Pounds on the shell, the player gets in the shell and becomes Shell Mario. This feature is removed possibly because the designers wanted a power-up that can be obtained from a ? Block, however it survives in Vs. Mode.

Mega Mushrooms were also originally intended to be red. The advertisement accenting the Vs. mode revealed some levels that were not available on the final release, including a desert stage, an underwater stage and a few others. The Mega Mushroom was going to look like a large Super Mushroom rather than a chubby-looking mushroom that was yellow with red spots. [Info from Mariowiki]

The e3 05 had starmen, backflips, wall kicks and ground pounds the co-op was more of a competitive race, in the multiplayer mode there were lightning bolts that shrink the other player (still a lightning sprite can be found in the ROM somewhere), there were blue blocks that, if hit by the player behind, it would warp back the player in the lead. The demo at e3 05 had Field, Desert and Fortress levels to play.

Also, some unused gears models were found by Tanks in the games’ code! Some more info cames from UltimatePisman on Youtube, that went to Gameplay/TMF Game Awards 2005 and played a beta demo of NSMB.

“I’ve played only one level, through (the grass level).

But it’s not that I can remember much. In the menu’s, I could choose between a grass level, dessert level and underground level. There was a Warp Pipe, which shot me out to the other half of the level. And if I go to the Warp Pipe, which leads me to the right, I had to ground pound a giant Goomba. After that was finished, I had to hang on the flag at the end, with a block on the bottom.

Then it said “Thanks for playing”. That’s all I can remember.

Maybe that was Fortress. Looked like the Underground on the Menu.

Oh, and one more thing. I now remember the dancing mushroom platforms. And that the Giant Goomba became giant while touching a mushroom. It looked indentical to this one!

Only the Mario Kart Music couldn’t be there, since MKDS was in final, back then.

That mushroom with the Giant Goomba, I tried to get it.

But it hides back into the block. That’s the reason why I had to ground pound it. That’s what I remember, but I’m not sure about it, through.”

Some more info on the beta differences can be found at Flying Omelette. Also, more info can be found in the early interviews:

  • When you collect 3 special mushrooms you turn giant
  • There were mini mushroom powerups in the beta
  • There were mushrooms that bend over depending on where you are standing on them maybe like the purple ones in the final version
  • There were trees like those mushrooms they bend over
  • There was a blue block when it gets hit by you it brings your oponent to your posistion
  • There were starmen you could get them by ducking near a pipe
  • There were lightning bolts that shrink the other player
  • The red rings are checkpoints not making red coins apear
  • Mega mushrooms have to be pumped out of ? blocks a few times to make them come out

Mariofanatic64 and Hiccup are working on a new a Beta Remake of New Super Mario Bros. Here are the features it will include:

The beta grassland and castle level from e3 2005 (see videos below)

The beta desert levels from e3 (see videos below)

Other beta levels based around screenshots

Beta Graphics

Beta sfx and music

You can check a video from this beta remake in here.

Thanks to FullMetalMC and Hiccup for the contributions and videos! Credit to Treeki and Sgaagar the Barbarian for their NSMB hacks!



marios voice for jumping insted of sfx
differant backgrounds
differant ground ,blocks, pipes, coins, koopas, ? blocks, bricks, goombas
mega goomba boss goomba eats mushroom to grow
mario has his normal animations when he is mega(running and walking insted of stomping around)
bowser stands there and hes dead in one hit and in an overworld level

classic smb jumping sound
differant hud:
all hud is on bottom screen
progress bar is green, round, higher up, has flag icon for end of level insted of castle
three item slots
differant item slot powerup icons
old fashiond stop watch thing for timer icon

differant mario/luigi model
differant yelow wooden bricks
differant giant dry bones behaviour: the giant dy bones act like the small ones, they don’t need ground-pounding to be stund/brocken apart
coins don’t have ridges
lava is like the unused lava in the final game (in the unused/lost level)
? blocks are squarer
koopas darker
mushrooms are more spotty and squarer
blue rings [they are checkpoints]
pirana plants that are in pipes are bigger and stick out of the pipes more
pipes are smaller and the metal pipe joiner is squashed
sharks from final game have differant behavour
mega mushroom is bigger chubier wobaly and red
mega goombas as normal enemies
punching and kicking

differant castle background and tileset
differant grass background and tileset
differant desert background and tileset
differant cave background and tileset
differant underwater background and tileset

castle level looks simmilar to world 4 castle

classic smb jumping sound
empty ? blocks (? blocks after there hit) are yelow
no delay when you get a power up
phisics is differant (jumping + falling)
for the e3 demo there is no lives
! switches are big
platforms are differant (used in the final game once in turny platforms seen in this video as were in beta not unused)
! blocks (like from sm64)
doors are like the unused one in the final game (will be in my next nsmb unused/beta stuff video) (they make pipe sound in but not the final game)
differant boss room tileset
? switches are tiny and red
keys apear in the middle of the boss room (final game the key allways apears at the right)
? switch give you points and pops in a differant way and platforms oop differant when the key is got when they disapear
camera zooms in when key is got and boss defeating
mario does sumersult after getting key and defeating boss
mega mushrooms has to be pumped out of ? block a few times
mario can stomp run when he is mega
flag has empty block for base and red flag that faces right
camera zooms in when mario takes hat of at end of level
no castle
differant logo
differant sound effect for getting item out of item circles
blue ring [check points]

differant logo
classic smb jumping sound
? blocks are squarer
coins have no ridges
mushrooms look differant
no power up delay
cannons blast higher
pipes look smaller
differant sound effect for getting item out of item circles
blue ring [check points]

Also, it appears that in some point of early development, NSMB could have been a 2.5d side scroller, much like Kirby 64, as 2 unused 3D models of a lift and Star Switch like the ones in Super Mario 64 DS, look awkward when seen in the view of normal NSMB levels. Either that, or they were meant for the world map.