[Projects] Super Mario 64 Beta Remake Updates

[Projects] Super Mario 64 Beta Remake Updates

Update: The Mario 64 beta remake mod was revamped sometime around April of 2011. No further information will be posted UNTIL the mod is near complete. The “Beta Replica” is completely gone, so searching for that title won’t do you any good. If you’re interested in a beta remake of Super Mario 64, you can check back on this page any time. Dudaw’s Youtube channel is updated regularly as well http://youtube.com/dudaw12

Again, nothing can be said about the mod at the moment. Look forward to the complete version!

EDIT (Dudaw, creator): Screenshots Added

Old Info:

Okay, I know it seemed like I was stalling this hack on purpose, but I just didn’t have too much time. But now, finally I have released my final of the first beta hack! You can get it in the description of the Youtube video below! The reason why this was so hectic is that school kept getting in the way, and when I thought I would upload the hack, I never got the chance. Please also follow instructions in the description of that video!! It’s your own fault if you can’t get it to work. But if for some reason, you have some strange glitches or unrepairable errors, please send me an email at: [email protected]


Now, there is something else going on too, Bosco came out and he’s making his own beta hack again. So, if you see that please feel free to stop by and give his hack some company. He is having a bit of trouble launching it. As for mine, it seems 99% complete. Although, it does need some revisions (small). I am also going to start some other beta hacks. Because there were about three betas of Mario 64 and then the pre-launch versions. The beta3 should be fairly easy. As for beta2, it will take longer and be even harder than the first beta hack that I released. The one that I released was beta v.1.0 if you forgot. So v.2.0 is the one where Mario’s health meter was shaped like a U/shield and the castle was a bit larger.

Preview of Beta V.1.0 and Download!:

Enjoy! ^_^

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33 thoughts on “[Projects] Super Mario 64 Beta Remake Updates

  1. person

    when I try to download it says download will begin in 20 seconds then I wait 20 seconds click the download link and it goes back to the download here page in an endless cycle

    1. Dante

      it always says The file you attempted to download has been previously claimed by a copyright holder through a valid DMCA request and cannot be downloaded.

  2. person

    oh and when I try and load the hi res textures using rice’s plugin it freezes at the press start screen right before the press start logo appears

  3. Seb

    Hey, could you PLZ send me a working link as well? U know it was no point doing this if it gets deleted. Can u please email it to me?

    mine is
    kranky-march@hotmail dot com

  4. brad

    I think the ppf is a playstation patch file. I have used these before. isnt there a ppf patcher on the interweb or something.

  5. NPT

    Use the PPF o Matic to apply the .ppf file to your Super Mario 64 ROM. If the game doesn’t work, you’ll need to use the SM64 ROM extender to apply the patch to the extended SM64 ROM.

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