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Ni-Oh [PS3 – Cancelled]


Ni-Oh, a buddhist term for a deva king, is a cancelled game from Koei that was meant to be released for the PlayStation 3 in 2007. The game was set in a warring state era of feuding war lords. The main character was Ni-Oh, a blonde-haired military commander, son of a foreign woman and a Japanese man, that casts himself into a fierce battle to carve destiny. Probably early in the development, Koei have decided to cancel Ni-Oh to concentrate on other projects. [Info from Wikipedia]




Lunar Knights [DS – Beta / Concept]


Lunar Knights, known in Japan as “Bokura no Taiyō: Django & Sabata” and abbreviated Boktai DS, is the fourth title in the Boktai series of games developed by Kojima Productions. The ultimate goal in Lunar Knights is to destroy a number of boss vampire enemies, in which the basic mission is to defeat each of them in their respective dungeons. [Info from Wikipedia]

In some of the old screens, we can see a couple differences in the beta-HUD: the feather and the energy bar (for Lucian) had a different color than the final version. In the original artwork, we can even see some unused or different character design. In the video, there are some odd parts: the sword of Lucian looks smaller than usual and the transformations dont have a time limit (probably it’s just not showed on-screen).

Beta HUD:



Final HUD





Gaia Blade [XBOX – Cancelled]

Gaia Blade is a cancelled Real Time Strategy Game with RPG elements for the original Xbox console. It was in development around 2001 by FromSoftware, during a time when they worked on many interesting projects for Microsoft, such as Murakumo, Thousand Land, Otogi, Metal Wolf Chaos. Gaia Blade was designed specifically for online multiplayer on Xbox Live and it was planned to be released around 2002.

You could have been able to build traps and other defenses for your base, to protect it from AI enemies (in single player mode) or other humans (in online multiplayer mode). Gaia Blade was set in a fictional fantasy world inspired by Norse and Western literature: each single-player campaign would have put you as the leader of one of 12 different available families.

Characters development would follow classic RPG mechanics, while combat was in real-time: players just had to plan their strategy deciding which character to use for each task and area of the world. You would have been able to see all of your characters at the same time in different parts of the map using a split screen, choosing which one to impersonate when in need. The game was focused on teamwork, with 12 different protagonists, each one with their own skills and troops. Units would learn through their experience during the adventure and react differently to the player’s commands.

It’s not known why the game was cancelled: we can speculate the rather negative ratings of their games released in the early ‘00s made the team rethink their strategy of working on many different games at the same time (such as Code Inferno, ¼ RPG and Goldstar Mountain), to just focus on the few, most promising ones.

Article by The_Phantom_Mask




Axel Rage [PS2 – Cancelled]

“Russian developers Akella are working on Axel Rage for PlayStation 2 and PC, for the little known publisher 1C Company. The game stars Duke Nuke’em lookalike Axle, a respected member of the ‘No Dice’ motorbike gang. Trouble is brewing in Nailsdale – a post-apocalyptic city built on an artificial coastal sea platform – and so it’s Axel’s job to sort things out. Because he’s hard and stuff. Viewed from a third person perspective, the developers promise a highly interactive experience. Nearly everything can be used as a weapon and items such as bottles and furniture can be broken for fun. Combat on the other hand comes in three flavours – armed, unarmed and astride your motobike, Road Rash style.The graphics engine is being supplied by RenderWare, so you can bet your bottom Nailsdale dollar that it’ll look the part, even if the game’s title is a cheesy one. It’ll be out next year somewhen.” [now cancelled]

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Wrath & Skeller [PS2 – Cancelled]

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