Splatterhouse (2010, Bottlerocket Vr) [Beta – Xbox 360, PS3]

Splatterhouse (2010, Bottlerocket Vr) [Beta – Xbox 360, PS3]

Splatterhouse for the Xbox 360 and PS3 is a remake of the original Splatterhouse horror beat ’em up released in 1988. This project was in development at BottleRocket Entertainment, but in February 2009, Namco decided to pull the game from them and to continue the game with an internal team. These early screenshots and videos are from the original BottleRocket beta version, does anyone has finished the game? Do you see any differences?

You can read more about BottleRocket’s problematic development of Splatterhouse on Polygon.

Thanks to Dan for the contribution!



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15 thoughts on “Splatterhouse (2010, Bottlerocket Vr) [Beta – Xbox 360, PS3]

  1. RhuBarb

    I first played this in the back of a cafe in 1990.

    I hope they can manage it for the new generation….

    1. monokoma Post author

      it all depends by Namco.. i’m curious to see if they will really finish this project and release it somehow, or they will just try to forget about it.

  2. kevin

    at 1:25 of the first vid that monster look like an big daddy from bioshock…
    this could be an cool game!!

  3. destructor

    hey monokoma the game is coming spring 2010 and namco bandai games is now the developer.(just so you know)

  4. cat

    I dont know about this one, doesnt look or feel like classic splatterhouse to me. the real spatterhouse games were scary, strange, and unusual

    1. monokoma Post author

      You are right, it seems that after closing down the original studio that was working on Splatterhouse, they give the code to another team to finish it.. we’ll have to wait for when the game will be finished, to see how much is different from these screens and videos

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