Refusion (Gumpanela) [PC – Cancelled]

Refusion is a cancelled multiplayer FPS / RTS hybrid that was in development for PC by Gumpanela Entertainment between 2005 and 2013. The concept behind the project was to let players fight as a unit with FPS gameplay or to become the leader of the team playing each battle as in a Real Time Strategy game. Imagine epic online VS matches between hundreds of players and AI-controlled units, moving in real time on a small-scale planet (40 x 40 km), using vehicles, entering into buildings and destroying the environments with explosives. An ambitious project indeed.

We can find some details about Refusion on Gumpanela’s old website (now closed):

Multiplayer: The game is mainly designed for the massive multiplayer mode. Up to 100 players can join the Battle at any time during the action. The aim is clear – vanquish the enemy! We also provide AI to help you in the roles of Fighter or Master.

SinglePlayer: The game can also be enjoyed by solo players. You can select either Skirmish or Campaign and discover the whole history of Human and Skoroman so that the prophecies can be fulfilled.

As A Fighter You Can: Choose between different classes; Control a great variety of units – ground, air, naval; Get your own unit – just come over to the proper military structure, press the button and than unit is there for you; Live longer on the Battlefield – more playing-time, less waiting-time; Listen to your Master’s orders. You will know where the enemy is, where to go, which group to join and what your personal task is. In the end, it’s your decision!

As A Master You Can: Play the full RTS game with real live units; Organise and manage your Fighters – they need you and you need them; Rely on your Fighters’ intelligence and incorporate their ideas in your tactics; Command huge numbers of units and build extensive bases; Lead great battles and obliterate your opponents.


  • Two Races against each other. Human versus Skoroman.
  • Unseen Battle Realm of 40×40 km, with no borders – just like a normal planet works.
  • Unique union of FPS and RTS game technology;
  • State-of-the-art FPS quality in physics and graphics;
  • Extensive, borderless game environment;
  • Massive units and buildings;
  • Epic battles, hundreds of units engaged;
  • Full and/or partial destructibility of units – for example, a car without a wheel will still be able to move along;
  • Open Games – you can join any game any time – the system’s auto-balance feature will keep everything in order, both Master or Fighter, no matter who joins in.

They also shared many screenshots and details on their Moddb account:

“Imagine yourself playing as a Master in classical RTS like Starcraft or Total Annihilation and your friend in the role of a Fighter playing his own FPS like for example Battlefield DC. And this all is happening in the same time at the same place. Isn’t it a brilliant idea? The best thing about this all above is the shared experience but for each player from perspective seen from a different point of view.

The Master builds bases and units, takes care of resource management, researches global upgrades and leads the whole battle, exactly as if he was playing a normal RTS game. As soon as he builds barracks, the live FPS players can join the game as Fighters and use everything Master has built, including usage of units he has created.

Through cooperation a great game come to existence, where the Master sees everything from a bird’s perspective and leads the battle globally. A Live Fighter has his own head and judgement of the situation, he sees the battle in local perspective and is able to solve some situations better than Master could ever do. Fighter can also invite a few AI controlled units into his team and command them on the battlefield according to his current needs.”

After a development update in 2013, Refusion quietly vanished.

Thanks to Dan for the contribution!




Ashen 2 (Torus Games) [Cancelled – N-Gage]

Ashen 2 is the cancelled sequel to N-Gage’s obscure FPS, in development by Torus Games around 2004 / 2005. It seems the game was officially announced by Nokia, but there is not much information about it online, just some 3D models shared by a former developer. We can assume Ashen 2 would have been similar to the first game, with big maze-levels to explore, full of demons and other enemies to shoot down.

Possibly because of the N-Gage failure on the market, Nokia and Torus Games canned the project and Ashen 2 was never completed.

Thanks to Michael for the contribution!


Warhammer 40.000: Agents of Death [PC – Cancelled]

Warhammer 40.000: Agents of Death is a cancelled FPS that was in development by Mirage Media (mostly known for Imperium Galactica and Mortyr) in the late ‘90s, planned to be published on PC. The game was about the confrontation of 3 heroes against the ruler of a certain planet who sold himself to the forces of chaos. Before the beginning of each level, players could choose between one of the 3 protagonists, while the other two would have been controlled by the AI.

Levels had different objectives following the game story and one character could have been more useful than the others depending on the mission. For example if you had to kill one specific target without alerting the other enemies, a sniper would be the best choice. Instead in a mission with dozens of enemies to kill, someone with a huge fire-power could be the best choice.

Mirage Media was working on Agents of Death along with Mortyr 2 and both games used their homespun three-dimensional engine, which (according to the developers) made it possible to create an incredibly realistic and detailed world. Unfortunately they were not able to complete the project and in 2000 Agents of Death was scrapped.

It seems a playable alpha version of the game was leaked online many years ago: if you still have a copy of this, please let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to Josef for the contribution!


Clown Combat [PS3, Xbox 360 – Cancelled]

Clown Combat is a cancelled parody FPS planned for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 that was conceived by Eagle Claw Studios around 2002 – 2003, after William Bill Anderson finished working on Maximo Ghost to Glory and opened his new team. The project was quietly announced as being in development and The Playstation 3 Bible even published the title on their “confirmed games for PS3” list, but in the end not much was ever revealed and it was soon forgotten by everyone.

In 2016 during an interview we published in our book “Video Games You Will Never Play” Bill shared some more details on his unseen game:

“Clown Combat is still on my wish list for the future, fingers crossed and I’m still working on the design. The idea behind Clown Combat was to make a mainstream FPS game that was family friendly, where the clown characters were made of morphing plastic and therefore could do things way beyond realistic shooter games of today.  It’s a parody game that pokes fun at a lot of science fiction movies along the way, from Logan’s Run to Star Wars and more. Currently I’m still working on game play designs and level designs for the game and with any luck we’ll get it made still.”

Concept art and models created for the game can be found on Bill’s Clown Combat website, also preserved in the gallery below to remember the existence of this interesting project never released on Xbox 360 and PS3. Maybe one day we’ll be able to play it on PC or next-gen consoles.


Daikatana 2 (Human Head Studios) [PC – Cancelled]

Daikatana 2 is the cancelled sequel to John Romero‘s first and most ambitious FPS since his departure from id Software and the founding of Ion Storm. This sequel was in development with the help of Human Head Studios while Ion Storm was still working on the first game (as told by Romeron at PC Accelerator magazine), but no screenshots nor artwork were ever shown to the public before its cancellation.

It seems development on the sequel started in early 1998, when no one imagined that the first Daikatana would take so many years to be released, nor that it would bomb so hard when published. Former Human Head developers shared memories of the project in interviews and articles published by Eurogamer and GamesRadar:

“We first met John when he was the producer on Heretic and Hexen, so when we left Raven we thought, who better to work with than John Romero! Initially Ben Gokey called him up, told him the story, and he asked us to work on Daikatana 2. Of course we jumped at the chance.”

Ion Storm funded us enough money for a few living expenses and some new equipment. This in turn meant that we would be using the Unreal engine, and that was extremely exciting.”

Unfortunately by this time Ion Storm was already in decline, Daikatana was becoming a running joke, and Eidos were starting to wonder where all their money was going. Hiring an external studio to develop a sequel to a game that was nowhere near complete was one expense which they could do without. And so, “before we knew it the project was canceled and we were on our own again”.

Human Head would live to fight another day though. “When Daikatana 2 was canceled, Epic was incredibly nice and let us use the Unreal engine even though we didn’t have any contracts with any publishers.”

One of Prey’s concepts even came from past projects that Human Head had worked on. The idea of wall-walk boots originally came up during initial work the studio did for Daikatana 2. That game never happened, and after that, Human Head started talking to Epic about handling Unreal 2. One of its ideas for that project: yup, those wall-walk boots. Human Head didn’t end up doing Unreal 2 either, which was Prey’s gain. “Fast forward to Prey, we were like ‘Alright, we would love to be able to do wall-walk boots,'” Rhinehart says. “So I’m glad that we finally managed to get that particular tech in the game.”

The first Daikatana was postponed several times due to constant technical problems, forced engine changes and internal disagreements in the team. In 2000 the game was finally released and under the hooting of the press, it failed in sales and Ion Storm Dallas disappeared the following year. Human Head Studios later worked on Blair Witch Volume II: The Legend of Coffin Rock and Rune.

If you know someone who worked on Daikatana 2 and could help us preserving some artwork, screenshots or files from this lost game, please let us know!

Thanks to Josef for the contribution!