Cry Havoc [PC – Cancelled]

Cry Havoc [PC – Cancelled]

Cry Havoc is a canceled sci-fi multiplayer First-Person Shooter and Real Time Strategy hybrid game developed around 2004-2005 by Artificial Studios for the PC, as well as a potential Xbox 360 version.

The project initially began as Helix Core, another multiplayer title inspired by Tribes whose main feature was the high number of players who could frag together in a single arena: up to 64 players. Somewhere in 2003, this title vanished, and former members of its developer, Bright Light Productions, created a new entity named Artificial Studios.

Using Artificial in-house engine called Reality, Cry Havoc took a different approach that its predecessor and mixed FPS genre with RTS games, somewhat similar to titles like Natural Selection and Savage. The project was revealed in September 2004, for a release planned for 2005:

Cry Havoc is conceived as a multiplayer 4-team First Person Shooter based on modern war tactics, combined with a deep Real Time Strategy layer. Through success in teamwork and combat, FPS players advance up the ranks of their own team, gaining more RTS decision-making capability along the way. The primary objective, like traditional RTS games, is to defeat all the enemy teams by choking their resources and destroying their bases. The methods are unique to Cry Havoc, with fast-paced FPS action, upgradable character abilities, 3D real-time base construction, and advanced vehicle physics on land, sea, and air. Battles take place within seamless environments powered by the Reality Engine, including detailed natural landscapes, moody close-quartered interiors, and large-scale urban warfare.

In December 2004, Dutch website Xboxworld shared screenshots from the game and revealed that this project will be up to 128 players in a single map, although to this day, this information was never confirmed by its developers. An Xbox 360 version was also announced, but it’s also something that never had any confirmation.

But in April 2005, cgonline interviewed staff members from Artificial who revealed that the Cry Havoc prototype was retooled as a development kit for the Reality Engine:

C.G. – Will Artificial Studios also used their technology to create their own in-house game and if so what can you tell us about it?

J.S. – Artificial Studios does indeed have a game in development on Reality, one which is quite different from the “Cry Havoc” prototype that has been previously been mentioned in public (that prototype, in fact, became the Reality _Eval Kit).

A month later, Epic Games purchased every rights from the Reality Engine and included its technology into the Unreal Engine 3:

Epic has purchased the Reality Engine outright, including intellectual property rights, trademarks, and copyrights. Epic does not intend to continue sales, development, or support of the Reality Engine, but will review its technologies for inclusion into Unreal Engine 3.


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