Painkiller: Resurrection [PC – Beta / Concept]

As we can read on Wikipedia, Painkiller: Resurrection is FPS developed by Homegrown Games and published by JoWooD. It is a stand-alone expansion to the 2004 Painkiller developed by People Can Fly, and runs on an updated version of the Painkiller engine. Resurrection was released for the PC on October 2009, with a planned Xbox 360 port that was never released.

As noted by Vicente, the main character had a different design in the beta version:




Sky Gods [PS3/X360/PC – Cancelled]

Sky Gods is a cancelled shooter based on HALO (High Altitude, Low Opening) Special Forces operations. The project was in development at BlackFoot Studios in 2008 for the  Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. As we can read in the official press release, in a typical HALO exercise, the parachutist will jump from the aircraft, free-fall for a period of time at terminal velocity, and open his parachute at a low altitude. The combination of high speed downwards and minimal metal and forward air-speed serves to defeat radar, enabling a stealthy insertion.

In Sky Gods players would have been in full control of their character during HALO freefall as well as while under canopy and were required to properly steer to a landing zone and land without injury or fatality. Once on the ground, players would have been tasked with various missions based on real life SOF experiences, observing and engaging targets through various terrain environments.

The game was planned to have 8 Coop missions playable with 1-8 people, customizable weapons and kit, a training scenarios playable solo or Coop and mod capabilities out of the box.

Sky God was officially cancelled when BlackFoot Studios went through some internal restructuring. As we can read in their official website:

BFS has been operating as a virtual company for some time now and we have had some good people move on to other ventures as well as those still with the projects finding themselves in need of other income sources and/or other outside influences effecting their involvement.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


Phase Zero [Jaguar – Cancelled]

Phase Zero (also know as “Hover Hunter” in early previews) is a cancelled first person shooter developed by Hyper Image for the Jaguar. A playable demo was somehow leaked online and many videos and reviews of the game can be found on Youtube. Phase Zero looked really nice and it was fun enough, but something went wrong during the development and Hyper Image were not able to finish their project.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution! Scans from Cd Consoles magazine, issues #4, #5, #8 and #13.




Turok 2 [Xbox 360 / PS3 – Cancelled]

When the development of the “next gen” Turok for Disney Interactive Studios was finished, Propaganda Games started to work on a sequel, but the project was cancelled when most of the team was laid off. As we can read on Kotaku:

Sources tell us that Vancouver based Propaganda Games is in the process of laying off approximately 70 employees. That reduction in workforce is likely closely tied to the cancellation of Turok 2, a title never officially announced by Disney, but one of two projects that Propaganda was working on, we’re told.

Not much is known about Turok 2 and we are not sure how much work went into it before the cancellation, but it seems that it would have been possible to ride dinosaurs in the game, as in the “original” Turok 2 on the Nintendo 64.

The Turok Wiki has a load of concept art and information on the game. Turok 2 was set to have Turok, or possibly a different character, return to the planet from the first game. Several soldiers left behind became “zombies” and would live in swamps. Orks were to be introduced along with several new weapons.

Thanks to Jason for the english corrections!




Resistance 2 [PS3 – Beta]

Resistance 2 is a FPS developed for the PlayStation 3 by Insomniac Games and published by Sony in 2008. Metin has noticed a lot of differences between the old footage and the retail release (and even the private/public beta). The differences are mostly found in the multiplayer mode, as they didn’t change a whole lot in Single Player (or we did not see much from the early development so can’t accurately measure the changes). In Chicago, Hawthorne, Capelli and Warner run with you from the beginning through the alleys. These were previously Black Ops soldiers running with you and it was also a Black Ops soldier who throws a can to the other side of the street to determine where the Hellfire is.

The beta multiplayer mode:

* Objectives had a real names (go take over the gorge, go take over the lumber mill) instead of “capture the beacon” on every single beacon.

* Augers had the RFOM shield (a plate shaped shield in front of you instead of half a circle in front of you).

* Wrath was called the Minigun early on, it didn’t spin up so fast as it does now and it was less powerfull.

* Marksman was called the Sharpshooter early on, and it didn’t have the 3 bullet burst, it had a regular 1 shot with 10 bullets in a clip instead of 33.

* When you killed someone you’d see ammo boxes pop out of there bodies (might sound weird but it actually looks good).

* Grenade boxes looked like the grenade boxes in Co-op.

* Carbine had alot of recoil and a different aim.

* The water on the ground of Orick was not there in the early footage, it only had a dry ground. Also Orick was called Scotia before the private beta began.

* Also in the lumbermill there is a sort of catwalk going to the top, it’s where a Titan spawns in R2 co-op, they had large iron crates there, and wooden poles ontop of eachother there, these were removed in the final game.

* Secondary fire for the Wrath was supossed to be like this: you press R2, you drop a tripod and you get a shield up in front of you. You can’t move, just turn and aim. You could only be killed by a grenade, someone meele’ing you in the back, or a Sniper shot right where the barrel of the gun comes out. (my guess is they changed this because it would not work in a fast paced game like R2).

* Burning cars looked amazing, there was good looking fire, and thick black smoke coming from burning cars. The smoke would not go straight up in the air but it had a small twist to the right, probably due to wind.

Thanks to Metin and Robert_Kendo for the contributions! Thanks to Jason for the english corrections!