Project Delta [PS3/X360 – Cancelled]

Project Delta [PS3/X360 – Cancelled]

Project Delta is a cancelled FPS that was in development in 2005 by PlayLogic for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The game was announced when the “next gen consoles” were still not released, but it soon vanished without any official statement. It’s possible that Delta was originally in development for the PS2 and XBOX, with the code name “Project Snap”, another cancelled FPS that Playlogic was working on in 2004.

Project Delta’s gameplay was going to be more tactical than the usual first-person shooter: while shooting with our main character, we would had to command a team of soldiers and comfort or threaten them during the battles. The game was set in different time periods, as the story dealt with time travels from the future back to the dark ages.

Project Delta was cancelled for unknown reasons, but we can speculate that the team had some development or quality problems. Only few concept arts and models remain from the project, preserved in the gallery below.


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One thought on “Project Delta [PS3/X360 – Cancelled]

  1. Maik

    Steve Ince:
    Project Delta – E3 announcement
    There is a piece on IGN about a forthcoming PS3 game called Project Delta. I worked on the story, backstory and character profiles for this game in the three months leading up to Christmas last year, but was unable to mention it at the time.

    This was a really great project to work on as the development team and I really worked well together to develop and enrich the story

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