How I Spent My Summer Vacation [DS PC – Cancelled]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation is a cancelled “horror” action game that was in development by Santa Cruz Games for the Nintendo DS and PC. As we can read on Gamasutra, players would have took the role of a little girl named Joanne, armed with a chainsaw to take down zombies that invaded her summer place.

It’s like a survival horror game for kids,” said Neuse. “This is the one we usually show when we’re pitching new game ideas. I think it’s every developer’s dream to eventually be doing our own ideas. […]”

Sadly only a playable demo was created before “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” was canned, maybe because they did not find any publisher interested in the project. Some screens are archived in the gallery below, to preserve the existence of this lost game.

Thanks to Gerro for the contribution!


ToeJam & Earl 4 [DS – Cancelled]

A new game in the ToeJam & Earl series was planned for the Nintendo DS, but later cancelled for the lack of interest from publishers. The original ToeJam & Earl is a crazy action game developed by Johnson Voorsanger Productions and published by Sega for the Mega Drive / Genesis in 1991. The story centers on the titular ToeJam and Earl, alien rappers who have crash-landed on Earth.

Greg Johnson still have the rights to the TJ&E property and as we can read on Joystiq:

As far as another entry in the series goes, Johnson told us he worked on a pitch for “TJ&E4” as recently as two years ago. Based on the pitch document and images, TJ&E4 was to be a DS remake of the first ToeJam & Earl, albeit with some new additions. “After the Xbox game released in 2002, I tried really hard to get a new TJ&E game off the ground – right up until about two years ago. I was really hoping to do a multiplayer DS version – but didn’t have any luck getting interest from any publisher – I approached pretty much all of them. Right now my studio is pretty busy with other stuff, but I plan to get back to seeing if I can’t make TJ&E games in the future.”


Untitled Fantasy Multiplayer Game [PS2 – Cancelled?]

In 2000 Atlus was working on a fantasy themed multiplayer game for the PlayStation 2, but as far as we know, this project was never released. In September 2010, 7HeroesForceBattle posted a scan from an old PSM article on the Lost Levels Forum that showed a single screenshot of this mysterious game. As was written in the thread:

It doesn’t seem to match up with any Atlus games, but he noted that the creature pictured bears a striking resemblence (at least from the back) to the classic Cerberus design from the Megami Tensei series.

If someone recognizes this game, please let us know!


This is Vegas [X360 PS3 – Cancelled]

This is Vegas is an action / sandbox game that was in development for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 since 2006 / 2007  by Midway Games / Surreal Software, but sadly it seems that the game was cancelled in fall / late 2009.  Due to Midway’s financial troubles in 2009 the company sold certain assets to Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment which included This is Vegas and developer Surreal Software. SS then worked on some animations and characters for Snowblind’s LotR: War in the North. In December/January 2010 there were some layoffs and departures and in June 2010 the studio was closed down. 4 years of work on This is Vegas went directly into the bin.

Here is an introduction to This is Vegas’ story from an old Gamespot preview:

The game’s story follows you, an unnamed nobody, as you arrive in Vegas with 50 dollars in your pocket and hazy goals. As luck would have it, you’ll cross paths with Joey Nissan, a local “entrepreneur” who winds up working to get you in with the Vegas crowd. From the sound of it, this bit in the game will be your license to be decadent as you play. Of course, all good things don’t last forever, and soon you meet your nemesis: Preston Boyer, a fast food tycoon bent on cleaning up Vegas to be a family-friendly tourist trap. This doesn’t exactly fly far with you and your new crowd, so your goal will be to stop Boyer and preserve the town’s special atmosphere.




D-Jump! [N64 Dreamcast PS2 PC – Cancelled]

D-Jump is a cancelled platform / action game that was in development in 1997 / 1998 by Ubisoft Paris, planned to be released for the “next gen consoles” Dreamcast and Playstation 2, and also PC. It seems that the project was canned after 1 year and half of development, but there are just few info available. Derboo was able to find an article about D-Jump! in PowerPlay magazine issue 8/1998, in which we can see a couple of target renders. As we can read at IGN:

Starring a nimble “Rastafarian” lead character, D-Jump! blends action and platforming elements with a storyline based on time travel. Players must traverse several time periods to unlock the mystery of why their character is slowly turning into wood. Originally scheduled for release as a launch title for the PlayStation 2, D-Jump was later cancelled for unknown reasons.

For more information read this Gamespot article.

Thanks to derboo, Jorge and Isatis_Angel for the scans and to Nattie for her help in preserving more screens from their lost game!

One of the below scan is from Games Republic issue3.


Seems that while the main development version was for PC, initially the game could have been also planned for N64.
A preview with more real-time screenshots are in fact found in GamePlay 64 issue 9.
I’ve added to the gallery a couple real-time screenshots that show the game in a much late state of development with the bright and cartoony style (and some other renders/concept arts).
Additionally I’ve added a brief trailer below.