Gore [C64 PC ST – Cancelled]

Gore is a cancelled side scrolling action game planned to be released for Amiga/PC/ST in 1990,  in development by DMA Design and published by Psignosis. The project was canned early in development when it became obvious that there wasn’t enough memory for all the graphics. Some images from this lost game were shared online by Mike Daily on his Flickr account, other scans and info are from Javalemmings and PsygnosisAmiga!

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Knight Wars [Wii – Cancelled]

Knight Wars is a cancelled real time strategy / action game for the Wii, that was in development in 2006/2007 by Kuju London (nowadays known as Headstrong Games). Except for being planned as a medieval version of the Battalion Wars games, there is not much known about the project, only that it was cancelled in 2007 when Nintendo decided to shift their resources to mass market-accessible titles such as Wii Fit or even the cancelled Wii Crush. As we can read in an old Gamespot article:

Our spies at Kuju’s HQ also tell us that another game based around the WARS series is also in development for the Wii called Knight Wars. Based in middle-aged England, players control tens of thousands of troops including units such as horses, magicians and Knights! ‘Its like Battalion Wars but with some great sword-swinging Wii action and riding around doing tasks for King Arthur!’ we were told!’

As you can read on the wayback machine there were 2 also unnamed Juku projects, one published by Ubisoft Entertainment S.A., and the other by Vivendi Universal Games.

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Highlander [X360 PS3 PC – Cancelled]

Highlander is a canceled third-person action game developed by Widescreen Games which was going to be published by Square-Enix for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. The player had to control Owen MacLeod, a predecessor of the more famous immortals Connor MacLeod and Duncan MacLeod of the tv series, through an epic adventure that began in the Colosseum of ancient Rome and which was supposed to be concluded in the New York of our time.

Much like Ninja Gaiden, the main character could use many kinds of weapons and spells. The possibility of choosing between various fighting styles and the division of the game in eighteen missions suggests that Devil May Cry was an inspiration too. Even if the game was originally announced in 2005, the first trailer of Highlander, embedded below, was shown to the public only in 2008. In 2010, Square Enix officially confirmed the cancellation of this project.




Monstrous City [PSX – Cancelled]

Monstrous City is a cancelled action game that was in development by Northstar Studios for the Playstation. Players would have took the role of various monsters to destroy cities and kill humans, so we can assume that the game would have been similar to Rampage, but in 3D. Many kind of B-Movie monsters were designed for Monstrous City, including a Dracula-style occult monster, a giant robot with scads of energy beams, a bizarre mutant and a good old-fashioned Godzilla alike-dinosaur. Sadly the project was never finished, maybe because they were not able to find a publisher. A short preview of the game was published in NextGeneration magazine issue 13.

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The Deep [XBOX 360 / PS3 – Prototype]

The Deep was a prototype developed by French development studio Darkworks during 2009 for Xbox 360 and PS3. Started after finishing their contract with Ubisoft for I Am Alive, The Deep was pitched to various publishers. In 2010 it was used to present Darkworks’ stereoscopic 3D technology for next-generation consoles.

After The Deep, Darkworks worked on other prototypes including Black Death and Prodigies.

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