Velocity [PSX SATURN – Cancelled]

Velocity is a cancelled SciFi action game that was in development by Cave Logic Studios and PF Magic for the original Playstation and Saturn. It seems that the game was never officially announced so there are not many info about its gameplay or story, but thanks to an interview with Kevin Seghetti (former Cave Logic programmer) by GDRI, we can learn more about this lost project:

After Ballz, Cave Logic worked with PF.Magic on a 3D game originally for the Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn called Velocity. For many reasons, that project took several years and was eventually canceled. Cave Logic became Recombinant Limited, and we used the same 3D engine (which we called World Foundry) to start on a project for MGM Interactive called Cyberthug. But a few months into that, MGM Interactive was canceled by MGM, so that game didn’t get finished, either. By that time, I had about had it with the game industry, so [I] went and got a programming job doing embedded control systems instead (and never looked back).

Some screenshot were shared online on Source Forge. Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


WarDevil [X360 PS3 – Cancelled]

WarDevil: Enigma (aka WarDevil: Unleash The Beast Within) is a cancelled action game that was in development for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, from 2004 to 2010 by Digi-Guys (Ignition London), a subsidiary of Ignition Entertainment. The studio started to work on this project as a tech demo for the “Xbox 2” console, but after almost 6 years and a lot of money spent, they were closed down, 30  staff have been laid off and WarDevil was officially canned. It seems that apart from the awesome graphic engine, there was not much in a playable state.

Digi-Guys created an early prototype of the game on the original Xbox, as we can read in an article by Edge:

Some more about that Xbox demo, first, as it casts Whitehurst’s rhetoric in a substantially different light. It was developed in 2005, when you’d expect all eyes to be on Xbox 360. Such is the nature of Digi-Guys’ new pipeline, though – designed as it is to render Hollywood-grade visuals at true 1080p, at an unbroken 60 frames per second, using just one core of a modern console CPU – that the demo would have to do much more with much less to be a valid proof of concept. […]

The background for this one is a visit by Sony reps in October 2005, by which time Whitehurst had built the kind of HD studio that was still having to be described to most developers. They saw the Xbox demo – and remember, this is the same year that Doom 3 struggled its way on to the same console – and were suitably impressed. “They said: ‘Here’s some devkits. Let’s see what you can do’. So we got a very quick build running, then there was this whole shebang for the E3 2006 [PS3] launch, with everyone having to submit what they were doing.” […]

The demo is essentially a short section of gameplay and introductory cutscene in which the WarDevil, an ‘ultimate killing machine that can make 10,000 men lay down their arms’, shows his stuff against the troops of his nemesis, The General, using a God Of War-style mix of blade attacks, martial arts and supernatural powers.[…]




Rocket Rescue [SNES MD GEN – Cancelled]

Rocket Rescue is a cancelled action game that was in development for the Super Nintendo, Mega Drive / Genesis and Amiga in 1994. Players would had to save people on different planets, exploring the space with a rocket in more than 100 levels. The project would have been published by Hot Shot Entertainments, but we dont know which development team was behind it.

In the end Rocket Rescue was never released and there are basically no more info available about the game or what happened to its publisher. If you know someone that worked on this project, please let us know!

Thanks to Rod_Wod for the scans!


Pterosaur – Dawn of Destruction [GC/XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

Pterosaur: Dawn of Destruction is a cancelled platform / action game that was in development at Atomic Planet in 2002, for the GameCube, Playstation 2 and Xbox. In the game the player would had used a Pterosaur (a flying reptile) to lead your fellow dinosaurs to safety, or see them condemned to extinction, while the world was coming to an end.

To do that, you had to learn to recognise the most vulnerable dinosaurs and how they behave, to be able to save them. While bigger dino-predators were searching for the weaker dinos to eat, they could have been lured away or defeated in an open battle.  The scenario could have been explored to find hidden paths, with the help of friendly dinosaurs that cleared the way.

The Pterosaur project was never released for unknow reasons, but we can speculate that the gameplay was not that much fun and Atomic Planet was not able to find any publisher interested in the game. On the 25th of February 2009 Atomic Planet went into administration after a number of redundancies and the offices were closed: maybe a playable demo of Pterosaur: Dawn of Destruction could be leaked sooner or later.



Sunman [NES – Cancelled]

Sunman is an cancelled NES action game made by Sunsoft which was supposed to be released in 1992. The most interesting aspect about this game is that originally Sunman was going to be a Superman game, and playing it is not hard to spot the resemblances: both heroes have a similar costume and the same powers. We don’t know why in the end Sunsoft didn’t get the official license from DC comics but probably the software house thought that it was a bad idea to spend a remarkable amount of money for a game planned for a rapidly aging console.

Other than that, Sunman was just an anonymous side-scroller game with below-average controls and only five stages, not exactly an appealing new entry for the NES market of the time. Nothing too strange, then, that Sunsoft decided to shelf it for good.


However, Sunsoft’s Superman survives as a Genesis game, as reported on Wikipedia. The game was published in the same year of Sunman’s prototype, 1992. While the graphic is better so that it can fit a 16bit console like Genesis , the game concept is still quite the same as the NES version. In fact, Superman/Sunman’s moves are the same (except that in the Genesis version he can also fire beams from his eyes) and some maps’ design is very close to the NES version. We can actually say that Genesis’ Superman is what we could’ve seen on NES.

John Doom is trying to make a complete Superman NES game using Sunman, creating and replacing Sunman’s sprites with Superman. You can try the game on John Doom’s space. It runs on vnes, an applet nes emulator (You need Java in order to play the game).