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[New Article] Alan Wake Beta Analysis

Alan wake was developed by Remedy Entertainment (creators of the Max Payne series) and published for the Xbox 360. Originally, the game was planned to be released on all next-gen platforms, but  later it was announced only for pc and xbox 360. However, at end the computer porting got cancelled,because Microsoft didn’t want to lose an important exclusive for his console.Remedy has stated that  a windows edition of Alan wake is “not on the cards at the moment.” >> Read the full article 

[April Fools] From today on, we love Hello Kitty

EDIT Ok it was fun lol. Everythings back to normal again, so you ignore this post from now on :p

Yes, we really feel like everyone here is loving Hello Kitty, including every single one on the FORUM agrees that Hello Kitty is pretty awesome! So, from today on we are going to keep this Hello Kitty style for Unseen64. From now on we can enjoy unseen gaming articles and media between a cutesy Hello Kitty enviroment. We hope you will enjoy it! :)

Have fun enjoying our new layout and please only leave compliments about our new obsession in the comments here! *^___^* 

We’re back again!

Hello dear readers of Unseen64. As you may notice we have been down for quiet a while. This was because of we grew out of our hosting plan’s server capacity aka we were getting too many visitors.  We have found a new box with enhough capacity for a while, so this shouldn’t happen anytime soon again! We would also like to thank everyone who followed us on Twitter the latest weeks when we were down for all the support!

Updates will  start again on the 1st of  March so that we have some time to fix out bugs :) In the meantime you could read the archive and/or join the forum (http://forum.unseen64.net/) and discuss with us if you want! If you find any troubles on the site, please report in this post.

Thank you for your time,

The webmaster.

Edit: You may experience that our new server is a tad slower than the previous. Pages were loading very slowly sometime. I have applied some modifications on the server and now things should be more normal. There could still be some loading time sometimes, but in general you should notice some speed gain. Make sure you have reset your cookies/cache by restarting your browser.