Warcraft Adventures leaked and preserved? [No!]

Warcraft Adventures leaked and preserved? [No!]

Update: this was an april fools joke! Oh well, maybe in the future the collector that has the playable copy, will really leak it and we’ll be happy :)

Do you remember Warcraft Adventures? You know, that cancelled point and click adventure game set in the Warcraft world? Well, it seems that it’s finally leaked online… or is this an April Fools joke? You should be able to download the game from Abandonia and play it on your PC.. let us know if it’s true and if you are able to make it works on Windows 7! :D

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5 thoughts on “Warcraft Adventures leaked and preserved? [No!]

  1. DaRk_ViVi

    BTW they also posted a news about the April Fools prank:

    “April Fools!
    Now that the day is over world wide we can tell you that no Warcraft Adventures is not really on the site it was merely the best April Fools you have ever seen on this site. Sadly getting a hold of the beta for that game is not possible at the moment and may never be. Make sure to play the archive to see what it really contains and have a look at some of the file names inside for some extra jokes about some of the members of the site. Happy April Fools Day to you all!”

  2. monokoma

    Thanks for the update! :D As we did not have the time to check the file, we really hoped that it could have been real, as there’s someone that has a playable copy (the guy from those videos). Oh well, we’ll wait some more to be able to play this! :)

  3. JK

    The video from Warcraft Adventures was uploaded on youtube by some Russian gamer. He has beta-version of this game. It’s unfinished. He got it from the man, working in the Russian company, that worked for Blizzard. He’s very greedy and said to people, who asked him about this beta, that he will sell this CD only for a great amount of money. I am sure, sometime somebody will pay him this money. But he didn’t deserve them.

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