Runelords [GBC – Cancelled]

Runelords [GBC – Cancelled]

Runelords is a cancelled RPG that was in development in 1999 / 2000 by Saffire and it would have been published by Kemco for the GameBoy Color. The game was based on the fantasy book series with the same name, created by David Farland. In the universe of The Runelords, there exists a unique magical system which relies on the existence of distinct bodily attributes, such as brawn, grace, and wit. The game would have been a traditional turn based RPG, but it seems that the gameplay was not much fun. As we can read on IGN:

When we played the game at E3, we weren’t too excited by the sluggish and laborious RPG play. The game has a 3/4 view (like Mission Impossible) for the action, but just lagged in conversations, in movement, in battle, and elsewhere.

It’s possible that the publisher decided to cancel this project for quality reasons.

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2 thoughts on “Runelords [GBC – Cancelled]

  1. Sam Jones

    Not Wishing to be caught up in the slew of recent GameBoy Color games Saffire, more famous for their recently revealed SAGE graphics engine and upcoming next generation titles, has announced that it is to produce a fantasy style RPG based on the popular Runelords adventure books.

    Les Pardew, spokeman for Saffire states the game is currently around the 50% complete stage. The game centers on the adventures of one character, and interestingly he is said to travel between worlds. Where these worlds are, and how they interact with each other is currently unknown. The game is also set to feature a unique magic system and Runelords author, David Farland is set to pen to story for the game. The game is set for release under the Kemco name later this year, and should add nicely to the GBC’s upcomign RPG’s. Stay tuned to for more information as it happens.

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