Dune Generations [PC – Cancelled]

Cryonetworks in 2001 disclosed information about Dune Generations, an upcoming online real-time strategy game based on Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel series. The company launched an official Web site for the upcoming game that features some concept images, a brief background story and description of the persistent gameworld, and a list of frequently asked questions. Dune Generations was scheduled for release at the end of 2001.

Info from the official page:

The infrastructure of a permanent and massive multiplayer world that exists online; the intrigues and magnificent scenery from Frank Herbert’s Dune Universe; endless space and terrestrial epics: this is what you’ll discover in DUNE Generations.

DUNE Generations is based on three concepts: Short and long-term resource management, real-time commercial and military strategy, and control of a dynasty of leaders within three types of Houses: military, commercial or mercenary. Players will have to make strategic decisions for the advancement of their House and work together or fight one another for domination of the thousands of colonies at their disposal. They will have to evolve in a world with strict rules and use them for their own purpose and benefit. One key purpose, of course, is to gain access and control over the most important planet in the DUNE Universe: Arrakis, where the Spice, the most precious substance in the Universe is produced.

Cryo would be the publisher behind the game; Canada-based DreamCatcher Interactive would be the distributor for North America as part of a partnertship which published a number of other Cryo games.

Dune Generations would let players assume control of a dynasty in the Dune universe. The goal of the game would be to build the dynasty into the most powerful family in the universe, by gaining control of the planet Arrakis, the source of the most precious substance in the universe: spice. Players would choose to control one of three types of dynasties – traders, soldiers, or mercenaries – and each dynasty type would provide a different playing experience.

With the closure of Cryo at the beginning of 2002, the game was canceled due to a failure to negotiate a deal with the company’s creditors. [Info from Wikipedia]

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Cold Fear [Beta – XBOX PS2 PC]

Cold Fear is a 3rd person shooter horror title developed for the PS2, Xbox, and PC. Developed by DarkWorks, published by Ubisoft and released in 2005.


Cold Fear didn’t start as a horror title, based on information and speculation, darkworks was working on several new projects with several publishing and developing houses. In 2003 when DarkWorks was working with Capcom thier project: Lost Mantis/USS  Antarctica was canned. In 2004 DarkWorks worked with Namco U.S. on a new title. The game was Time Crysis Adventure. However the game, much like Lost Mantis, was canned, but not before Ubisoft stepped in and took over the project. TC: Adventure evolved into the game Cold Fear. There are several Concept Art images that remain of Time Crysis: Adventure. You can view the Concept Art below:

Alpha Stage:

Prior to the games release Cold Fear orignally looked more detailed and gritty. The enviroments showcased in these screenshots are different in the final version – similar but different. The main chracter in this build was not from the USCG (United States Coast Guard) but part of the Navy Seals and was involved in the operation that invaded the russian ship at the begining of the game.  (CLICK TO ENLARGE THE SCREENSHOTS)


Tom Hansen Background

In the alpha build, Tom Hansen was a 29 year old captain of the navy seals – he wasn’t part of the USCG (United States Coast Guard). It can be assumed that – much like the final version – the navy seals was wiped out. Making Tom Hansen the last survivor on the russian ship. It’s possible that Tom was the leader of that Navy Seal group.


Chex Quest 3 [PC – Cancelled]

A “Chex Quest 3” game was made by fans of the series who were disappointed that the third had been canceled. But, rather than make entirely new levels and graphics, they stole much of them from other mods (here you can download the stolen resource list), mostly from Hacx and STRAIN. This one was noticeably harder, and when it was discovered it was a fake, it was quickly discarded.
In 2008, ten years later, Charles ‘Chukker’ Jacobi, a former member of Digital Café, the makers of the original Chex Quest, created and released Chex Quest 3, including recreations of the original two episodes. Chex Quest 3 can be downloaded here.

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Vanished Powers [PSX PC – Cancelled]

Vanished Powers is a cancelled action adventure / RPG that was in development in 1995 / 1996 by Neon Software (creators of Tunnel B1) and it would have been published by Ocean for the original Playstation and PC. It was going to use an isometric 2D graphic style, with prerendered backgrounds and lots of FMVs, along with more than 70 (weird) characters, modeled with Silicon Graphics. In the end the Vanished Powers was never released, but we dont know the reasons behind this decision.

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Beavis and Butthead [Arcade – Prototype / Unreleased]

Alongside the SNES, Gameboy, Genesis and Game Gear versions, Viacom was set to release an arcade game based off of MTV’s Beavis and Butthead animated series. It was never released (and upon analyzing the videos and screenshots available, I could not make out a copyright date), but a handful of prototype cabinets are known to exist.

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Videos of the prototype cabinet: